A meeting of the Artillerie team in 2016
Who’s behind Campus 2022
27 March 2017
Charline Avenel, secretary general of Sciences Po
“Campus 2022: an exceptional quality of life and education”
28 March 2017

A campus to reinvent ourselves

by Frédéric Mion, President

Sciences Po’s history is punctuated by breaks with the past and creative innovations. Sciences Po’s Campus 2022 plan, made possible by the Hôtel de l’Artillerie, represents a new milestone in this history; a milestone at least as fundamental as the shift to five years of study, our internationalisation, the establishment of branch campuses or our social inclusion strategy. With this exceptional site in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, we have gained the ideal venue to reinvent our teaching and research model once more.

A powerful lever for change

Campus 2022 is both an accomplishment and a powerful lever for change: the accomplishment of our goal of being a multidisciplinary university in the social sciences, fully engaged with society and among the most attractive in the world; and change in our way of teaching and conducting research, thanks to new spaces designed to stimulate creativity, facilitate the comparison of ideas and encourage experimentation. Based on openness and partnerships, the university will serve as a public-spirited incubator for collective intelligence that can influence the whole of society.

A campus to encapsulate the Sciences Po experience

Located in the centre of France’s capital, the Campus 2022 plan embodies one of the founding principles of our intellectual approach: to be a place of both thought and action. By bringing together faculty, students, alumni, partners and the general public, it will form a common home in which knowledge, skills and personalities come together. What we are creating with this campus is an environment to cultivate intellectual growth, personal development and collective progress.

An exceptional campus to attract top talent

This exceptional work environment will favour excellence and stimulate collective projects to continue to attract the best researchers and students from around the world, offering them a quality of life and services that meet the standards of world-class universities. Combining heritage and innovation, sustainability and social responsibility, Campus 2022 will also embody the engagement that Sciences Po has always cultivated: social engagement, engagement with the city, with new ideas, and with the world.

A group effort

To build Campus 2022, all our students, faculty and staff need to pull together under the coordination of our secretary general, Charline Avenel. This next-generation campus will be a model for the future: it can only be built using an exemplary, collaborative approach, and that’s the approach we’ll take!