Study rooms for people with disabilities

Reserving and using dedicated study rooms for people with disabilities

Sciences Po Library, on Paris campus, provides rooms equipped with softwares and workstations adapted for students, teachers, researchers and staff with disabilities.
These rooms are exclusively reserved for their use and are also available under certain conditions to external readers with disabilities.
They are located in the lower level reading room at 30 rue Saint-Guillaume and can be reserved in the library and online, at least 48 hours in advance
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How to reserve : guidelines

Reserving a room is very simple ! Follow these 3 steps:

1 - Choose a time slot

Connect to the online reservation application  then click on a time slot.

You can reserve up to 3 weeks in advance. 

2 - Fill out a reservation request

Once logged into your Sciences Po account, please provide the following information:

  • Last name, first name
  • A mobile phone number so we can reach you in case of unanticipated closing
  • Number of people (maximum 2)
  • Your level of studies
  • The material you would like to use

3 - Report to the front desk before using the study room 

Check in by showing your student card to a library staff member at the front desk in the lower level reading room at 30 rue Saint-Guillaume.
NB :  If you don’t check in or if you are more than 20mn late, your reservation will be cancelled.

Study rooms policies

Drinking, eating and smoking are strictly prohibited in the study rooms. Closed water bottles are allowed.

When finished, please be sure to leave the study room as you found it.

If you fail to respect these rules, your access privileges may be revoked.

About timeslots

Monday through Saturday, there are 4 to 6 time slots are available every day for each study room. The time slots are aligned with class schedules but may vary according to the openings hours of the library at 30 rue Saint Guillaume .


01 45 49 53 00 or 06 70 65 24 03 

Updated on 28/01/2019

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