2019 Training: exercises

Each group has some bibliographic references that need to find using the search tools presented.

Let’s free to explore the following tools:

Exercise 1: Identify the documentary resources according to the theme and type of document

Which is the most relevant search tool for each reference?

Group 1

1 - Find the reference:
Aaron Shull. Opportunities for Cooperative Cyber Security. Center for international Governance Innovation; Gateway House. Indian Council on Global Relation, January 2019.

2 - Find the reference:
Thomas Renard, “EU cyber partnerships: assessing the EU strategic partnerships with third countries in the cyber domain”, European Politics and Society, 2018, Volume 19, Issue 3, p. 321-337, DOI: 10.1080/23745118.2018.1430720

3 - Find this reference:
Sally Marks; Chas. W. Freeman, "Diplomacy" Encyclopædia Britannica, 20 December 2018.

4 - Find this dataset:
“Northern Ireland net migration by single year of age and gender (mid-2001 to mid-2017)” in .csv format

5 - Find the location of this reference at Sciences Po library :
Daniel Margolies, The extraterritoriality of law : history, theory, politics. Routledge, 2019.

Group 2

1 - Find the latest data about Acquisition of citizenship in Europe

2 - Find this reference:
Dan Bousfield, “Revisiting Cyber-Diplomacy: Canada–China Relations Online, Globalizations”, Globalizations, 2017, Volume 14, Issue 6, p. 1045-1059, DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2017.1362176

3 - Find this book, as an eBook if print is unavailable:
Chris Brown; Robyn Eckersley (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory. Oxford University Press, 2018.

4 - Find this book review:
Galina A. Nelaeva, “British public diplomacy and soft power. Diplomatic influence and digital disruption”. Acta Politica, 2019, Volume 54 Issue 1, p 174-176.

5 - Find all the articles from the June 2019 issue of the “European Journal of International Relations” journal (print and electronic)

Group 3

1 - Find the most recent data about permanent immigrant inflow within OECD countries

2 - Find this reference:
Michael N. Schmitt, Tallinn manual 2.0 on the international law applicable to cyber operations. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

3 - Find the reference:
Meryem Marzouki, “Roundtable on Global Internet Governance: The New Diplomatic Frontier?”. In: The 60th ISA (International Studies Association) Annual Convention, International Studies Association. Toronto (Canada), 2019

4 - Find the location of this reference at Sciences Po library:
Amitav Acharya ; Barry Buzan, The making of global international relations : origins and evolution of IR at its centenary. Cambridge University Press, 2019.

5 - Find this bibliography:
Benjamin Zyla, “Human Security”. Oxford Bibliographies, May 2019.

Group 4

1 - Find this reference:
Constance Duncombe. “Digital Diplomacy: Emotion and Identity in the Public Realm”, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy,  2019, Volume 14, Issue 1-2, p. 102-116.

2 - Find all the article from the May 2019 issue of the American diplomacy journal

3 - Find this reference:
Andrew Preston, American Foreign Relations: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2019.

4 - Find the location of this reference at Sciences Po library :
Marzieh Kouhi Esfahani ; Ariabarzan Mohammadi, Nuclear politics in Asia. Routledge, 2018.

5 - Find this reference:
R Joseph Huddleston, “Shoestring Diplomacy: Aspiring States and International Lobbying for Self-Determination”, 15 March 2019.

Exercice 2: Evaluate search results

How to spot Fake news

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