LibQUAL+ 2017 Survey

Many thanks to the 3,043 persons who responded to our LibQual+ survey and for their 1,573 comments.

Analysis of responses to the 2017 LibQual+ survey.

Our thanks to the 3,043 users who participated in the LibQual survey!

One of you was the lucky winner of an iPad. Which just goes to show, it is doubly worthwhile to respond to the library’s surveys!
Your nearly 1,600 comments will help us better understand your needs and respond to them more effectively in the future.


Computer systems will be partially replaced in 2018 and from the beginning of next academic year you will be able to print directly from your personal computers.

Break times will now be limited to 30 minutes instead of 20, however we will encourage the sharing of stations with a new method for applying the rule:

  • When you take a break from your station, you must leave a place card in clear view and can then be away for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, your station will be considered available and other students will be able to use it even if you have left your belongings.
  • When you leave the library, you can keep the place card for future use or return it to the information desk.

NEVER leave your valuables unattended!

Our online resources page gets a new look to help you more easily find what you need, with simplified searches according to discipline, tutorials, and the most frequently consulted open-access materials displayed on the homepage.

And from the beginning of the next academic year, new borrowing rules will simplify your life and even allow you to reserve open-access materials in reading rooms.


1 - "The library space"

This was the aspect for which expectations were highest and evaluations most negative, below the minimum level of acceptable service. Lack of space, overheating and printing malfunctions were common complaints throughout the responses.
On the regional campuses, assessments were more positive.

2 - "Access to resources"

Responses reveal a relative stability in user expectations. However, assessments have become increasingly negative since 2011 with regard to the state of the equipment that should allow easy access to information.
We take some consolation in the fact that satisfaction levels continue to rise with regard to access to online resources, which enjoy approval as soon as they are used.

3 - "Relations with library staff"

An increase in appreciation on all fronts as well as in expectations.
Whether in Paris or on regional campuses, users are very pleased with the quality of service and the attention paid to their needs. Thank you!


  • 837 comments raised the issue of lack of space, or nearly 6 comments out of 10. Others complained of overheating, noise levels, group study rooms, etc.
  • The commitment of library staff was duly noted, often in the vein of “Despite the best efforts of the librarians”…
  • The library’s print and digital collections were seen in a broadly positive light, except in certain specific cases.

For more information on the 1573 comments.


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Updated on 26/11/2019

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