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Campus Condorcet, Bâtiment de Recherche Sud, room 0.033 (ground floor)
5 cours des Humanités, Aubervilliers
(Métro line 12, station: Front Populaire)


Ruling on Nature - Animals and the Environment before the Court

General Schedule

Thursday, June 30

9.30 am: Coffee and welcome

10am-12.30 pm: Monitoring and Punishing  

Vanessa Manceron, CNRS, LESC & Giovanni Gugg, Rulnat, LAPCOS - The Vigilantes of the Dawn. Ethnography of Bird Protection Activism in the Naples area, Italy

Gaëlle Ronsin, ENS, CAK & Jérôme Michalon, CNRS, Triangle - Exceptional or Routinized Judiciarization? Registers of Expertise and Mobilization about the Judgment of Mistreatments on Seals

 DiscussantVéronique Bouillier, CNRS, CEIAS

12.30pm – 2pm : pause

2pm- 5pm: The Rights of Nature 

Mihnea Tanasescu, University of Bruxelles - Understanding the Rights of Nature: A Critical Introduction

Claire Duboscq, Rulnat, CERI - Judicializing Colombia’s Nature: Making a Nation through Law?

Pierre Brunet, University La Sorbonne - Rights of Nature: A Multilevel Tool Box

DiscussantIsacco Turina (University of Bologna)


Friday, July 1

10am-12.30pm: Scientific Expertise and the Court

Daniela Berti, CNRS,CEH - Connecting Tigers : Scientific Reports and Wildlife Politics in India

Sandrine Revet, CERI, SciencesPo - Equipping One’s Claim. Expertise and Protection of the Rights of Nature and of Local Communities in the Atrato Region of Colombia

Discussant: Carolina Angel Botero, University of Los Andes, Bogota

12.30pm – 2pm: pause

2pm-5pm: Of Categories and Definitions

Ritwick Dutta, National Green Tribunal, LIFE - India’s Three Pest Campaign: Implications of Categorising Animals as Vermins

Mara Benadusi, University of Catania - Running Amok. Wildness, Domestication and Captivity in Legal Struggles over Proboscideans in Sri Lanka

Anthony Good, University of Edinburgh - Wildcats or Wind Farms? Competing Environmental Priorities in Rural Scotland

Discussant: Joëlle Smadja, CNRS, CEH


Saturday, July 2

10am-12.30 pm: Activism and the Use of Law

Pia Bailleul, Rulnat, CEH - Radioactive Minerals in Greenland: Geological, Legal and Political Fluctuations of Nuclearity (1950-2022)

Karine Peschard, Geneva Academy of IHLH - Seed Activism: Challenging Biotech Patents in the Courts in Brazil and India

Discussant: Chiara Letizia, University of Montréal


Contacts: (Daniela Berti, Vanessa Manceron, Sandrine Revet)

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Responsable scientifique de l'événement : Sandrine Revet, Sciences Po - CERI

Organisé par : CERI
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