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Imperial and colonial currencies. Monetary supply, Policy, and Circulation, 16th-20th centuries. Conference, 6-7 June 2024, Sciences Po Center for History (CHSP) Organizers: Hugo Carlier (CHSP) and Juliette Françoise (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Université de Genève)… Lire la suite

Day 1 - Thursday 6 June

14:00-14:30 Welcome coffee

14:30-14:45  Introduction 

Panel 1. Imperial Currencies and Imperial Space

Chair Panel: Anne Conchon (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)


  • Arielle Alterwaite, (University of Pennsylvania), “Political Economies of the Haitian Gourde, Counterfeit and Otherwise”.
  • Gabriel Lietner (Université de Genève) and Gianandrea Nodari (Université de Genève), “London '33: Currency blocs and Imperial Monetary Policy”. 
  • Brecht Nijman (Huygens Institute, KNAW), “Counting out the Money: Cataloging currencies in the Dutch East India Company archive then and now”.

16:45-17:15  Coffee Break

Panel 2. Monetary Agency in Empires

Chair Panel: Patrice Baubeau (Université Paris-Nanterre)


  • Alessandro De Cola (Università di Bologna), “African Agencies in the Making of Colonial Currencies: The Case of Hassan Mussa El Akkad in the Italian Colony of Eritrea (1885-1890)”.
  • Robin Frisch, (University of Bayreuth), “The Quest for Monetary Control in Interwar Togo: Unveiling Colonial Economic Ambiguities”.

 Day 2 - Friday 7 June 

8:30-9:00 : Welcome Coffee 

Panel 3:  Materiality of Money: Minting and Resources in Empires

Chair Panel : Jérôme Jambu (Université Le Havre-Normandie)


  • Gustave Lester (Harvard University), “From Gold Standard to Gold Rush: Precious Metal Science and Money Politics Across Anglo-American Empires, 1750-1830”.
  • Geoffrey Durham (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “A New Ruble for the Russian Empire: Mining and Minting Platinum in the 19th Century”. 

10h30-11h  Coffee break

Panel 4: Imperial and Colonial currencies in Economic Development

Chair Panel : David Todd (CHSP)


  • Matteo Rossi, (Fondazione Luigi Einaudi Torino), “Monetary Independence Henry Carey, the Greenbacks and the United States in the World Market”.
  • Dorcas Djonkui (Université de Douala), “La création du Franc CFA et ses répercussions en Afrique Centrale : le cas du déficit de la balance commerciale sur les produits alimentaires”.

12:30-14:00 Lunch at Sciences Po

Panel 5:  The Introduction of Imperial Currencies : Conquest, Law and Institutions.

Chair Panel: Nicolas Delalande (CHSP) 


  • Ludovic Desmedt (Université de Bourgogne), “To issue paper money in the New World: the contrasting cases of New France and New England (17th-18th centuries)”. 
  • Toyomu Masaki (Kanazawa University), “The French Invasion of the Haut Sénégal and payment issues: 1880-1900”. 
  • Mohammadreza Eghbalizarch (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, IHEID) and Soheil Ghasemi (IHEID), “The Sterling Capitulation: The Imperial Bank of Persia and the British Juridico-Monetary Intervention in Semi-Colonial Iran (1890-1919)”. 

16:00-16:15 Conclusion

16:30-18:00 : Visit of the Musée de la Monnaie (15mins by foot from Sciences Po)

Organisé par : CHSP
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