10:00 17:30

This workshop will bring together scholars who have been working on transnationalism and multiculturalism in relation to nationalism, territory and citizenship.


10h00 - 12h30

Panel 1: Transnationalism with regard to state and nationalism : conceptual and methodological framework

Tariq Modood, University of Bristol: Multicultural nationalism and citizenship

Riva Kastoryano, Sciences Po - CERI - CNRS: Transnational nationalism and the state

Thomas Faist, University of Bielefeld: Transnational civil society and sate and citizenship

Discussant: Hélène Thiollet, Sciences Po - CERI - CNRS


- Pause déjeuner -


14h30 - 17h30

Panel 2: Transnational and multicultural politics of integration

Ruud Koopmans, WZB : Assimilation and Multiculturalism

Marco Antonsich, Loughborough University : Multicultural Nationalism : connecting the macro and the micro

Thomas Lacroix : From simultaneity to plurality. Transnationalism in action

Discussant : Hélène Thiollet, Sciences Po, CERI - CNRS


Responsables Scientifiques: Riva Kastoryano, Sciences Po - CERI - CNRS et Tariq Modood, University of Bristol

Organisé par : CERI