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EU Enlargements 20 years on: Lessons and Prospects
Venue : Sciences Po - Salons scientifiques, 1 Place Saint-Thomas d'Aquin, 75007 Paris 

In partnership with the Jacques Delors Institute/Grande Europe

Introduction and Welcome (9h15-10h)

Stéphanie Balme, Director of CERI-Sciences Po
Sylvie Mately, Director of Jacques Delors Institute

Keynote Introductory remarks: Eastern Promisses 20 years on

1. EU ‘transformative power’ and Domestic Political Trends in Central Europe (10h – 11h30)

Jacques Rupnik (Sciences Po-CERI)
Daniel Hegedüs (GMF Berlin)
Jaroslaw Kuisz (University of Warsaw)
Ondrej Dytrich (Institute of International Relations, Prague & EUISS

Chair: Lukas Macek , Sciences Po / Institut Jacques Delors

2. Central Europe 20 years later: Foreign Policy Orientations (11h45-13h)

David Cadier (University of Groningen and Sciences Po-CERI)
Jana Kobzova (Office of the President of Slovakia)
Tomas Petricek (Former Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic and Prague Institute of International Relation)
Maria Malksoo (University of Copenhagen)

Chair: Christian Lequesne (Sciences Po-CERI)


--- Lunch break ---


3. Enlargements and Public Opinion in EU and Candidate Countries (14h30)

Bruno Cautrès
 CEVIPOF - Sciences Po)
Bojana Zoric (EUISS)

4. The “Ukrainian Moment”: Prospects for Future Enlargements (15h45-17h30)

Volodymyr Yermolenko, ukraineworld.org, Kiev
Olga Onuch (Manchester University)
Nikola Dimitrov (Former Foreign Minister of Macedonia)
Florent Parmentier (Sciences Po - CEVIPOF)
Pierre Mirel (Former EU Director of DG Enlargement)

Chair: Anne de Tinguy (Sciences Po-CERI)

Keynote - Conclusions: What rethinking enlargement means for the EU

Jean-Louis Bourlanges (Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale)


Scientific coordinators:  Jacques Rupnik and David Cadier

Organisé par : CERI