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Online event

“Our Homophobic Paradise”:
Perceptions of safety and belonging for Russian LGBTQ+ people in Tbilisi

A webinar organised jointly by CORRIREF, AURA, Diaspora at War et BIELEXIL

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Conditions for LGBTQ+ people in Russia have deteriorated sharply since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, leading many queer Russians to flee to Georgia. While it might be expected that Russian LGBTQ+ people would feel safer having emigrated, this is not necessarily the case. This presentation outlines the ways in which national identity, local homophobia, and the spectre of Russian state repression have shaped perceptions of safety for Russian LGBTQ+ people in Tbilisi.

Talia Kollek is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Oxford. Her research on Russian LGBTQ+ civil society and activism is based on her time spent living and working in Saint Petersburg, where she completed her master’s degree at the Higher School of Economics in 2018. Talia specializes in ethnographic research in high-risk environments, and was the co-organizer of the LGBTQ+ Studies at Risk conference at UCL in 2023.


Scientific coordinator : Thomas Lacroix, Olga Bronnikova, Karine Gatelier et Agnieszka Fihel

The seminar will be online via the Zoom platform. 

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Organisé par : CERI