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Negotiated Inequality: Nuclear Order Preferences and the Making of the Nuclear Club

Room : Salle G009, rez-de-chaussée, 28 rue des Saints-Pères 75007

Organised as part of the seminar Nuclear Knowledges

Luis Rodriguez 
is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). His research centers on international security, with a focus on the approaches of the Global South during the negotiations of nuclear, humanitarian, and cyber governance. He studies how developing countries navigate inequalities in international orders. Using a mix of qualitative methods, he analyzes how these countries attempt to level the playing field in global governance. Luis worked in the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs before starting his Ph.D. in Political Science at Johns Hopkins University.

Multilateral organizations and international law play a central role as tools to address international security problems. Despite their benefits, these tools enshrine inequalities that favor powerful states. Recent literature studying lawmaking focuses on the creation and reproduction of hierarchies, but there is less attention to why developing countries accept or reject the institutionalization of these inequalities. I build a theory of order preferences by analyzing the making of the Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and the divergent Brazilian and Mexican positions in these negotiations. The NPT has been fundamental to promoting international stability, but the treaty also has excluded developing countries from mastering technologies that nuclear powers argued could promote development at faster and cheaper costs. I argue that Brazil and Mexico had different balances of fears and promises around nuclear technologies, leading them to have contrasting responses to the inequalities that the NPT institutionalized.



Scientifics Coordinators : Benoît Pelopidas, Sciences Po-CERI and Sanne Verschuren, Sciences Po-CERI

The seminar will be held in person and also online via the Zoom platform. 

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