Visit from Norway's Minister of Sciences and Higher Education

Visit from Norway's Minister of Sciences and Higher Education

Sciences Po & Norway
  • Iselin Nybø with Norwegian students from the Paris campus ©Sciences PoIselin Nybø with Norwegian students from the Paris campus ©Sciences Po

This week Sciences Po was pleased to welcome a visit from Iselin Nybø, Norway's Minister of Sciences and Higher Education, to discuss a continuing academic collaboration with four Norwegian partner institutions, Sciences Po’s international policy, and ways to encourage student mobility.

All 36 Norwegian students enrolled at the Sciences Po Paris campus for the academic year 2018/2019 were invited to exchange with the Minister on their experiences of studying in France and their reasons for choosing Sciences Po. Nybø then met with members of the University administration to discuss ideas on how to further the academic collaboration and partnership between Sciences Po and Norway.

Read some testimonies from our Norwegian students

Margrethe Beate Hammond Rosbach, former student of Stavanger Katedralskole:

“To sum up, I’d say my undergraduate at Sciences Po has been challenging, exciting and extremely fulfilling. Sciences Po allowed me to study exactly the subjects of my interests as the undergrad offers such a wide range of courses leaving it up to the students to design their own timetables. After your undergrad you will find that your 'Uni-family' consists of people from all different parts of the world: this is to me truly incredible and I really appreciate the international experience Sciences Po has given me.”

Magnus Bjørnbekk, student at the Reims Campus, former student of Oslo Katedralskole:

“The first months as a student at Sciences Po have been one of the most rewarding, challenging and memorable periods of my life. The curriculum is tailored for students who have a broad field of interest and who seek to obtain a more complete understanding of the society by seeing the world through different angles, for example sociology, political science, economics and languages to mention a few.”

Fridtjof Lyse Falk, student at the Reims Campus, former student of Bergen Handelsgymnasium:

“I found out about Sciences Po mostly through looking online for schools, and also meeting and talking to a former student in Norway. The courses looked very interesting, and I loved the fact that you could study a whole host of issues and subjects, without having to decide right away in what direction it is you would like to go.”

Sciences Po is partnered with four universities in Norway

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