Keeping Raqqa Alive

Keeping Raqqa Alive

Student Lamis Al Jasem has a passionate mission to restore the memory of her hometown in Syria
  • Recent photos shared by See My Raqqa ©See My Raqqa / InstagramRecent photos shared by See My Raqqa ©See My Raqqa / Instagram

Sciences Po student Lamis Al Jasem was born in Raqqa, Syria. Tired of the onslaught of images of destruction that have characterised Raqqa in the media since its capture by the Islamic State in 2013, Lamis decided to show the world her hometown as she once knew it. While completing a Master’s in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Lamis launched See My Raqqa, a social media project that shares positive photography of the Syrian city, both before the invasion and today. Now See My Raqqa has become a community, a place for Syrians to exchange stories and memories, transforming rubble back into the monuments that existed before. Lamis told us about her mission.

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