"I want to work with communities that i'm not familiar with and try to solve problems together"

"I want to work with communities that i'm not familiar with and try to solve problems together"

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Libertad Sobrado started volunteering with non-profit organisations when she was at high school in Costa Rica. She has been involved in various initiatives to help improve living conditions for local populations through recycling, environmental protection and education. Libertad looks at her studies at Sciences Po as a way to further her engagement. The fourth in our series #FirstYearsScPo.

Why did you choose Sciences Po?

I was born in Venezuela, but I went to school in Costa Rica. I got involved in non-profits at my high school, and I took a real liking to that kind of interaction and project management in collaboration with local authorities.

The mayor of Curridabat, a city in San José Province in Costa Rica, was impressed by the project run by my high school, and I guess he also appreciated my sense of initiative. He invited me to join his team and work with him at the Innovation office. That's when I began to take an interest in community-based organisations. I launched a project with some marginalized communities. We proposed a trade: they would receive books, clothes and food provided that they take classes offered by the city council. Issues related to poverty, mutual assistance, and the environment, which is a burning topic in Costa Rica, made me want to understand more, find solutions and take action.

That’s why I chose Sciences Po. It is the best place to grasp the complexity and diversity of political, social and cultural challenges. When I heard about the Sciences Po campus in Poitiers and its focus on Latin America, it really appealed to me.

What does Sciences Po represent for you?

Sciences Po is an opportunity to discover a range of disciplines without immediately choosing a major. It's an approach that focuses on moving forward and learning by discovering the world. Not on a career plan.

What are your expectations?

I like organising, finding out about and working with communities that I'm not familiar with and trying to solve problems together. That's the sort of work I want to go into. And I’m sure that Sciences Po will get me there. I want to study and specialise in urban affairs to improve living conditions for people in cities.

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