Dual BA with Columbia University

Last Update: 
13 October 2020

A dual BA programme is being offered jointly by Sciences Po and Columbia University. Admission decisions will be made collaboratively by both institutions.

Admission process

Applicants to this dual BA programme must apply through the Columbia University website. All relevant information to the admission procedure is handled exclusively by Columbia University.

The application will be assessed exclusively for the dual BA.

Candidates who have been deemed eligible will be invited for an interview. Please read carefully for further details on the admission process and deadlines.

If you wish to apply also to a Sciences Po undergraduate degree programme, you need to submit your application through :


Interviews will take place from mid-February to beginning of March,via teleconferencing. Candidates will be apprised of their interview date via email.

Candidates who apply both to the Dual BA with Columbia and a Sciences Po undergraduate programme may be invited to two different interviews.


At the conclusion of their programme of study candidates will earn Sciences Po's bachelor degree as well as Columbia University's bachelor degree.

Like other Sciences Po students new degree-holders will then be able to matriculate for the Masters programme of their choice in compliance with the relevant selection criteria.

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