Nancy campus Student associations and Team Projects

Team Projects are applied projects directed by students of the undergraduate program with support of the campus (through project tutors). These are based on a number of principles including self-financing.

Required and credited, Team Projects are chosen at the beginning of each year. Each student must apply to at least one team project, but can, if he wants to, apply to volonteer in others.

Below is the list of the 24 Team Projects

Action Citoyenne (AXIT)

Action Citoyenne (more generally called Axit) is one of the oldest collective projects of the campus. It is also an association. Concretely, Axit represents different initiatives with a solidary goal. Axit is actively involved during the whole year... Read more


Afric@ction is THE humanitarian project of the franco-german-european campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy. The society was created in 2002 and is therefore one of the most ancient projects of the campus. This year it counts over thirty members in... Read more

Association Sportive (AS)

The Sports Association (short: the wonderful AS) is one of the most lively and active student lead activities on the Sciences Po Nancy campus. Since Sciences Po does not only educate students who spend all their time studying in the library, but... Read more

Atelier de lecture Cali

Cali is a student project which consists of the regular meetings between students from Sciences Po and young children from an underprivileged neighbourhood in Nancy, le Haut-du-Lièvre. Each Thursday afternoon four students come to the La Fontaine... Read more

Bureau des Arts (BDA)

The Art society (Bureau des Arts or BDA) has established itself, in only four years’ time, as a real platform, introducing students to Nancy’s thriving cultural life, thanks to its numerous partnerships with various cultural institutions -... Read more

Bureau des Élèves (BDE)

Further than a small group of anonymous students organising randomly a modest relaxation program, the BDE is an association which accompanies the students at the Campus in Nancy during their daily life from the first day on: First of all, the BDE... Read more

Court Mais Trash (CMT)

Court Mais Trash is the campus club for cinephiles, amateur directors and those who have always dreamt to go behind the camera in order to create their own masterpiece. Because we are all different but complement each other, diverse but united under... Read more


The Projet Cuisine on the Franco-German campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy offers to students the possibility to cook typical recipes in a group, to make buffets made of varied dishes for the official and students-events (such as Eurocosmos, MUN... Read more

Danse & Cheerleading

The project has been created more than five years ago. Hip Hop, modern-jazz, waltz, cheerleading, polka, these words sound familiar to you ? If they do, you might be interested to read this description about the funkiest project of the... Read more


Eurocosmos prepares a simulation of the European institutions for the Nancy Campus, which will be held in Strasbourg in may. For three days, all students of the European Franco-German campus will debate and discuss the proposals (propositions for... Read more


Europe'n'roll is a radio programme made by about ten students at the Campus in Nancy. The programme is recorded within a community radio and it aims to make curious listeners (re-)get aware of how Europe works. Through offbeat though... Read more

Gala de prestige

The prestigious gala that will conclude this academic year is going to take place on Thursday the 30th April 2015. This festive event is set in the great salon in Nancy's town hall and is meant to be a meeting point for current university... Read more


The troupe « Théâtre d’impro » was created this year by a dozen of students. Two hours a week, we practice this form of theater called « improvisational theater ». A professional teacher animates these sessions. With his help and advices, we improve... Read more

Junior Consulting

Junior Consulting is primarily a junior enterprise, that is to say, a company formed exclusively of students. More precisely, it is the Sciences Po’s student’s consulting agency. For over 30 years, the company has been working with the continued... Read more

Le Parvenu

You have a desire to express yourself, to communicate, to publish? Le Parvenu, the campus medium, may offer you an opportunity to do so! Le Parvenu, founded in 2008, is the main medium of our European Franco-German campus. Originating from a long... Read more


The Music Project’s purpose is to organize and coordinate the musical life of the Nancy campus, taking part in various events during the year. Every ideas and music styles are welcome, that’s why our group project is divided into three main... Read more

Pôle Motivation Collégiades

At the beginning of the year the Pôle Ambiance Collégiades is by far the most puzzling project for new comers. Plenty join us out of curiosity. But it is the thrill for change and will to leave the sometime monotonous flow of classes in Sciences Po... Read more

Recherches en cours

« Recherches en Cours » is an ambitious student project on sociological research. Our group is composed of around 15 first or second year students. All year long, we try to apply and use the methods of qualitative sociology on two precise... Read more

Sciences Pho

SciencesPho is the photography association of the campus of Nancy. Therefore, our first goal is to take pictures of campus life to enable the students to keep beautiful memories from their two years in Nancy. We are present at almost every important... Read more

Société des Relations Internationales

Are you interested in foreign affairs issues, their background, their development and their impact? Do you want to discuss them with your friends, share your opinion and broaden your knowledge? Do you want to meet interesting guest speakers and help... Read more

Stanislas Sevens

The Stanislas Sevens is an international Rugby 7s Tournament that takes place in Nancy every year. There has been an informal cooperation for several years but in 2014, SciencesPo became an official partner of the event: students involved in the... Read more


The association “Théâtre” is present on the Campus of Nancy since 2001. So it is almost since the creation of the campus that this association gathers students in order to stage and to represent two pieces of theatre at the end of the year. We... Read more

United Nations Association Nancy

The United Nations Association Nancy’s aim is to encourage awareness, debate and discussion on current United Nations issues. The theoretical basis of the study of international relations is put into practice through UNAN and precisely, the... Read more

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medecines) is a global student movement founded in 2001 by law students at Yale University. Their goal is to fight for equal and fair access to medicines in the world. Every year, the WHO estimates that 10... Read more