Each semester, students at Sciences Po have the opportunity to enrol in one or more optional sports classes. These courses are organised by the Campus life department (DVU) in partnership with the Sports Club (Association Sportive, in french).

Currently we are able to offer a range of some 180 classes in more than 35 different sporting activities - from aquagym and athletics, through a variety of dance classes and team sports, to pilates and zumba.

As well as classes, a number of sporting competitions are organised along with the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) or with other schools and universities, such as the Crit' or the Collegiades. You can find out more about these events through the Sports Club.

Check out the website of the Regional University Sports Committee (Comité Régional du Sport Universitaire) too, for information on the different competitions and tournaments.

For more details about our classes:

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