Alexandra Oh, first recipient of the Henri de Castries Scholarship


Please join us in congratulating Alexandra Oh '21, new student at Sciences Po in Reims, and first laureate of the Henri de Castries Scholarship.

The Henri de Castries scholarship, intended to support transatlantic bonds, is awarded to French or American students pursuing Dual BA programs with Sciences Po.

After only a few weeks at Sciences Po she

"has already fallen in love with the the campus and the city. My first week here was the “Integration Week” which consisted of an academic and a social orientation. On the academic side, we simulated a global conference on food and represented different countries, companies, and other major players. We held round-table discussions and lively debates in an attempt to write a resolution on the future of food and sustainability. It was my first time experiencing such a conference, and I was drawn in by everyone’s infectious passion and energy. It really set the stage for the welcoming, intellectual, and outspoken community here at Sciences Po. On the social end, the Bureau des Eleves arranged parties, picnics, and even a “Civil War” where the second year’s put us through our paces. Both years participated throughout the week and I made some great connections with my classmates."

The campus is housed in a magnificent seventeenth-century building—the former Jesuit College—near the famous Reims cathedral. A real historical monument and architectural wonder, the College was renovated so as to preserve the stones, woodwork, stained glass windows and paintings of the period, while integrating the modern spaces (classrooms and library) required to offer all the services and features of a world-class campus. 

Ms. Oh decribes it as

"a beautiful former Jesuit college with the most amazing library reminiscent of something from a fairytale- and its expanding and renovating!"