Join the community to support Sciences Po's transatlantic ambitions

Sciences Po has reinvented itself many times over its 150-year history. Today, Sciences Po is first and foremost a place where new ideas are developed and put into practice. This is what has made our institution capable of adapting so successfully to the demands of international competition, becoming one of the best teaching and research universities in the world.

To continue in this vein, we intend to expand our diversity policy, invest in the quality of our teaching and research, and modernise our urban campus. Our ambitious strategy relies on the generosity of a broad community of supporters.

Sciences Po has spent the past 20 years building a vast network of academic excellence in the United States through university partnerships with the best schools in the country, such as Columbia University, Harvard, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale and the University of California, among others.

Since our incorporation in 2009, we have advanced the values of Sciences Po, including excellence in education and research, diversity, and equal access to higher education for students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources. The Foundation has raised nearly $7 million in donations and pledges and has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to students studying at Sciences Po, either in France or during their dual-PhDs with our US partners.

Today, we invite you to join our donors clubs and make a gift. 

All donors will be recognized in Sciences Po's Annual Donor Report and invited to the annual donor cocktail in Paris. The 2015 Donors report can be read here (fr). The 2016 Donors report (fr) can be found at the following link.

All US donors will also be invited to a special event in New York.

  • Scholar- up to $550: 1 to 3 networking/ cocktail discussion a year (in New York, Washington DC and San Francisco in 2017 but we are hoping to expand to other US cities soon!)
  • Fellow- $551 to $1,000: + if attending, access to the Alumni Award Event VIP cocktail
  • Doctor- $1,001 to $5,000: + if attending, access to the Gala VIP cocktail
  • With Honoris- above $5,000: + invitation to the Annual Major donor event in France

Joining our Donors Clubs is an opportunity to reconnect with the Sciences Po community and support Sciences Po's ambitions towards 2022, its 150th anniversary.

The US Sciences Po Foundation appreciates the support of its donors and Alumni and hopes to gather the community Sciences Po needs to achieve its ambitions.

Thank you!

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The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts made to the US Sciences Po Foundation are deductible for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes. If you have any questions about what to give or ways to give, please email us at