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Pre-College Programme
  • 2018 Master Classes topics2018 Master Classes topics

The class list for our 2018 Pre-College Programme is now available! Between Master Classes on current affairs, interactive tutorials, and a variety of elective courses, students are sure to have an enriching summer... Read on to discover what's on offer this year.

The academic programme represents about 48 class hours in total, spread over the course of three weeks (8-28 July 2018). Participants tackle rigorous academic content through an interdisciplinary lens, exploring current issues in international relations, political science and more. All the students attend the same core courses in the social sciences and take an elective class of their choice.

Core courses in the social sciences

Core courses, taught entirely in English, are meant to introduce students to Sciences Po’s core disciplines, through a combination of Master Classes and tutorials (about 30 contact hours). Students will attend a series of six 2.5-hour Master Classes, taught by Sciences Po professors and researchers, that will delve into current world issues. The first week will be dedicated to European issues, the second week will address current transnational challenges, and the last two Master Classes will delve into international governance. 

In preparation for Master Classes, students will participate in interactive, small-group tutorials that will allow them to develop their understanding of the material and themes addressed.

Find out more about the 2018 Pre-College Programme's Master Classes

Elective courses

In addition to their core courses, students will participate in one elective class of their choice (about 18 contact hours). Students will be able to choose one elective course among different options (within the limits of spots available): either a French language course or an introductory workshop to one of Sciences Po’s key disciplines, such as political science, international relations, law or sociology.

Option 1: Elective French Language course

French as a foreign language classes are available at the beginner and intermediate levels. Following a holistic approach to language mastery, French language classes will introduce students to French culture, literature and methodology while improving their knowledge of the French language.

Option 2: Elective Workshop

The following workshops will be available in 2018:

Read more about the 2018 Pre-College Programme's elective courses

More information

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2018 University Programme

Study social sciences or French language in Paris
  • Summer School students in Paris (photo: Manuel Braun)Summer School students in Paris (photo: Manuel Braun)

The Summer School’s University Programme is a unique opportunity for university students and graduates from all over the world to discover Sciences Po over the course of a summer on our Paris campus.

Study social sciences, French language, or both

Participants in the Summer School’s University Programme can:

Both academic tracks are offered during the June and July sessions. Each session, students pick one core course from either academic track and, in addition, may choose to take an optional elective class.

Download the 2018 Academic Overview for the University Programme (PDF, 180 Mo).

Live and study in the heart of Paris

Outside the classroom, participants are immersed in French language and culture through daily life in Paris. From Sciences Po’s campus in the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood, students can easily reach some of Paris’ most famous landmarks on foot. The Summer School also proposes a variety of cultural visits and activities to give students the chance to discover the city of Paris, as well as French history and culture. Housing options allow students to live together in typical Parisian apartments or student residence halls. Learn more about exploring Paris.

Join Sciences Po’s international community

Summer School students are part of an international community, representing almost 60 nationalities and a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds.  Here’s what some of them had to say about the University Programme:

“The professors at Sciences Po are amazingly knowledgeable and can discuss complex issues in a straightforward way. It’s not every day that you get to take classes from professionals from the European Court of Justice or the former economic advisor to the Italian Prime Minister!” – Kyle, USA

“My main goal was to improve my French, but in the end I learned more about French history and culture than I ever expected, and I discovered the real, non-touristy Paris.  As for speaking French, my progress was amazing – by the end of the summer, I was able to discuss any topic at a decent level." – Anastasia, Russia

“The best part of the Summer School is its international student body. There are people here from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and corners of the world. This unique atmosphere really enriches the experience of being in Paris.” – Yiyi, China.

Practical information

Summer 2018 Calendar

  • June session: 4-28 June 2018
  • July session: 3-27 July 2018

Tuition Fees

  • One session (4 weeks): 2 400 €
  • Two sessions (8 weeks): 4 200 €

Additional fees apply for optional elective classes and accommodation. Get the complete 2018 fees list.


The University Programme is open to university students and graduates, as well as students in their final year of secondary school who will enroll in university in Fall 2018.  Learn more about the eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Applications for this year's Summer School will open on January 8th, 2018. Applying to the University Programme requires the successful completion of a selective application process; candidates must submit an online application, which will be reviewed by an admissions jury. Learn more about the application process.

For more information

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Download the brochure (PDF, 2 Mo) for the 2018 Univeristy Programme.

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2018 Pre-College Programme

This summer, experience college life at Sciences Po
  • Pre-College students on the Reims campus (photo: Manuel Braun)Pre-College students on the Reims campus (photo: Manuel Braun)

Every summer, Sciences Po opens its doors to secondary school students from around the world as part of the Summer School’s Pre-College Programme. This programme is an opportunity to discover Sciences Po and experience college life and academics at one of France’s leading universities.

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Get a taste of university life

During three weeks in July, students undertake rigorous coursework in the social sciences, which introduces them to the key disciplines and methodologies of a Sciences Po education.

Participants explore current international issues from an interdisciplinary perspective through thematic master classes taught by Sciences Po professors. These master classes address subjects such as the European Union, migration, peace-building and sustainable development.  Interactive tutorials reinforce learning, while preparing students for university studies through an emphasis on academic methodology.

Elective classes allow students to either focus on one of Sciences Po’s core disciplines (such as international relations, political science, law or sociology) or to study French language.

Learn more about the academic programme.

Explore Reims and Paris

During the Pre-College Programme, students get the chance to live in both Reims and Paris, and study on two of Sciences Po’s most beautiful campuses.

The first two weeks take place on the Reims campus of Sciences Po, a beautifully restored historical site located in the heart of the city.  A medium-sized city in the heart of France’s famous Champagne region, Reims is an ideal location for participants to immerse themselves in French life and culture.  The programme culminates with a week in Paris, where students take classes on Sciences Po’s flagship campus in the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood, and discover the capital’s landmarks and cultural sites.

Participants are housed together in shared rooms located in proximity to the Sciences Po campuses.  A team of certified counselors, present 24 hours a day, ensures that students enjoy the best possible conditions for learning, comfort and security at Sciences Po.  Meals are provided by the Summer School both on and off-campus.

Discover life outside the classroom.

Join Sciences Po’s international community

Summer School students are part of an international community, made up of students who come from around the world and share a common passion for the social sciences. Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about their experience in the Pre-College Programme:

"Looking back at these two weeks gives me an intense feeling of nostalgia. I gained friends, knowledge and many, many memories. I gained a whole experience that, frankly, can’t compare to anything that came before." - Marc, Spain

"I learned so much not only in terms of academics, but also in terms of life." - Cindy, Canada

"The best experience I had during the Summer School is the opportunity of exchanging of opinions and ideas about almost anything with classmates [and] to get to know people living in other parts of the world. Gladly, the Summer School provides this kind of chance. Frankly, I really enjoyed it." - Mingxi, China

Find out more about Pre-College Programme's student profiles

Practical information

Session dates: 8-28 July 2018

Programme Fees: 5,350€

Fees include:

  • All courses, books, and study materials
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Excursions and activities
  • Transportation during the programme


The Pre-College Programme is open to students currently enrolled in secondary school, and who will still be enrolled in secondary school in Fall 2018. Candidates have to be at least 15 years old at the time of the programme. Learn more about eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Applications for this year's Summer School will open on January 8th, 2018. Applying to the Pre-College Programme requires the successful completion of a selective application process; candidates must submit an online application, which will be reviewed by an admissions jury. Learn more about the application process.

Download the brochure (PDF, 2 Mo) for the 2018 Pre-College programme.

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University Programme Highlights

From Summer 2017
  • Highlights from the 2017 University ProgrammeHighlights from the 2017 University Programme

Summer doesn’t mean vacation at Sciences Po!  This year, the Summer School’s University Programme welcomed over 380 participants during the months of June and July on Sciences Po’s Paris campus.

Here are some highlights from their summer:

Study social sciences, French language and culture, or both.

Students in the social sciences track delved into Sciences Po’s fundamental disciplines with a core class that addressed current international issues, such as migration, the rise of populism, or the crisis of the European Union.  Students in the French language track spent over 60 hours improving their French through a variety of language classes and workshops adapted to their level. Students in both tracks had the opportunity to add an optional elective class, in subjects ranging from French history to statistical analysis, which allowed them to make the most of their summer at Sciences Po.

International exchange

With students representing 57 different nationalities, the Summer School is a microcosm of the international environment of Sciences Po. In this multicultural environment, students had the opportunity to interact with classmates from a diverse range of backgrounds both inside and outside the classroom.

Extracurricular activities

The 2017 Summer School featured an expansive activities programme that allowed students to discover Paris and get to know each other outside the classroom.  Students visited the Palace of Versailles, Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny, and the châteaux of the Loire Valley.  They went to the theatre and cinema, participated in wine tasting classes, and enjoyed organized outings in Paris. The Speaker Series conferences with Sciences Po researchers and public figures allowed students to discuss current issues in France and Europe, such as the rise of right-wing populist parties.  See a full list of the activities offered in 2017.

Exploring Paris

From student discounts at museums, the Fête de la Musique, Bastille Day fireworks on July 14th, and more, living in the City of Lights is a learning experience outside the classroom as well!

Read what some 2017 students have to say:

Rachel, United States, social sciences track, “World Politics”

“I loved studying World Politics with a knowledgeable professor, then having interesting discussions with my classmates and friends from around the world about the issues we were studying in class.  One of the best points of the Summer School is the diversity in nationalities, in experiences, and how that contributes to the educational experience.”

Tobias, Germany, French language track, Level C1

“My French professor was amazing and I learned so much from her!  The language classes were well-designed; I made real progress in the classroom, while also having enough time to explore Paris and practice speaking in real life.”

Anmol, India, French language track, Level B1

“The best thing about my Summer School experience was the friends I made.  I arrived in Paris by myself, but I left with friends from all over the world.  I came back a changed person because of the people I met at the Summer School!”

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2017 Pre-College Programme

Scenes of last summer

Highlights of the 2017 Pre-College Programme

In July 2017, for the first time, Sciences Po opened its doors to high school students from around the world!

Here are some of the highlights from the first edition of the Pre-College Programme:

Discovering university life

Students devoted two weeks in July to the intensive study of social sciences, with additional workshops in French language or university methodology. They delved into Sciences Po’s core subjects, such as international relations, political science and social sciences, were introduced to higher education methodology, and challenged to meet university standards during their final group presentations. They also had the chance to study on Sciences Po’s exceptional historical campus in Reims and to visit the flagship Paris campus. 

Meeting international students

With participants coming from many different countries, the Pre-College Programme is truly an international experience. Reflecting the multiculturalism of the entire Sciences Po community, the 2017 student cohort represented 24 different nationalities and 25 countries of studies - from France, China and the USA to Italy, Mexico, Ivory Coast, India or Jordan.

Attending Master Classes

Students attended four conferences led by top-notch Sciences Po professors and researchers, to discuss current issues such as European Integration, migrations, peace-building and sustainable development. Learn more about the 2017 Master Classes.

Exploring France

While the academic programme was intense, the Pre-College Programme made time for extracurricular activities.  Weekdays were spent in the city of Reims, where students visited the beautiful Pommery Champagne cellars, the renowned Reims Cathedral and participated in Bastille Day's concerts and musical fireworks. During weekends in Paris, the group went on excursions to the Versailles castle, participated in a scavenger hunt in Montmartre, walked around historical neighbourhoods or observed Paris from a great vantage point during a cruise on the river Seine.

Read what 2017 Pre-College alumni have to say on their experience:

Isabelle, 17 years old, USA

"To be able to interact with a diverse body of individuals has been one of the biggest highlights of my experience at Sciences Po. It is rare to be surrounded by so much culture, energy, and passion in one environment."

Marc, 16 years old, Spain

"I gained friends, knowledge and many, many memories. I gained a whole experience that, frankly, can’t compare to anything that I had had before. I had never experienced to this extent contact with a totally different educational system, with people from so many nationalities or with daily life in a different country." 

Luisa, 15 years old, India

"It was a truly amazing experience. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the philosophy so much, that I have no difficulty whatsoever imagining myself there in the future. The course was extremely interesting and interactive, especially the Master Classes. I was very impressed by the classes and also by how Sciences Po managed to bring together such a diverse and fun group of people."

Ana Sofia, 17 years old, USA

"My French language class was extremely useful to an international student unfamiliar with the French system. The teacher was amazing, super interesting, and knew how to keep us interested. Thumbs up!"

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