Pre-College Programme
  • Students on the Reims campus (photo: Vincent Watel)Students on the Reims campus (photo: Vincent Watel)

Download the 2017 Pre-College Programme Schedule (PDF, 316 Ko).

Pre-College Programme participants and counselors will stay at a residence close to Sciences Po’s campus.  Students will share a room with a roommate of the same gender.  After breakfast, served in the cafeteria of the residence hall, students will walk to campus.  Classes will generally be held between 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4 PM.  Students will remain on campus during the lunch break, where they can eat at the campus cafeteria, relax in the garden, or study at the library.

The academic programme includes lecture classes, taught by Sciences Po professors, on key contemporary issues, such as European integration, migration, peace and conflict, and sustainable development.  Students will also participate in interactive, seminar-style courses with a lead professor who will work with them over the course of two weeks to prepare for the university-level material addressed in the lecture, explore lecture topics in greater depth afterwards, and introduce them to critical analysis and debate. Additionally, students will attend French language classes or university methodology workshops that will include essay-writing, documentary research and group work.

After class, extra-curricular activities and cultural visits will be led by counselors in and around the city of Reims.  Students will usually eat dinner on campus and then return to the student residence hall around 9 PM.   There will be two hours of free study time or group activities at the residence, followed by lights out at 11 PM.

On July 14th, the French national holiday, classes will take place as normal on Friday morning.  In the afternoon and evening the group will take part in the celebratory activities sponsored by the city of Reims.

On the weekends, students will travel to Paris.  The group will stay at a student residence located in the historic Marais neighbourhood.  Students will have the opportunity to discover the city of Paris through organized visits and activities.  They will also spend a day of classes on Sciences Po’s flagship Parisian campus, including a tour of the campus and its impressive library (one of the largest in Europe for the social sciences and humanities).  At the end of the day, students will attend a Speaker Series conference with students in the University Programme.

Download the 2017 Pre-College Programme Schedule (PDF, 316 Ko).