Master's Degree

Conditions for obtaining the Sciences Po Master's Degree

In order to gain a Master’s degree from Sciences Po, students must meet the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled in a Master’s programme for at least four semesters
  • Fulfil all academic requirements
  • Complete two core curriculum courses
  • Complete an economics course
  • Complete all specialised courses required by the Master’s programme in which they are enrolled
  • Complete a semester off campus, an internship for apprenticeship students or a research thesis
  • Attain English proficiency equivalent to at least C1 within the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Complete the Grand Oral examination
  • Obtain at least 120 ECTS credits.

Should a student fail to meet any of the requirements for the Master’s degree, he or she must register for an additional semester.


Graduation certificate

    If you are:

  • a graduate student confirmed by the June session of the jury: your graduation certificate will be available at the beginning of July at the Pôle central office (ground floor, 27, rue Saint-Guillaume).
  • a student with conditional status,i.e. pending:
    • "C1" language certification,
    • internship validation,
    • dual degree or study abroad validation,
    • or regularisation of administrative situation,

Your graduation certificate can be issued on request.

If you are unable to collect your certificate in person, you may give a written authorisation to the person of your choice. If you are abroad, please make your request on line.