Choice of Master

Required procedures for third-year students – or those on gap year or returning after an international dual degree.

During the second semester, in order to fulfil your academic obligations, you should:

  1. Choose your Master
  2. Follow the application procedures
  3. Choose your languages online
  4. Submit a report on your studies abroad along with your transcripts, or your internship report
  5. Complete your course registration and administrative registration

Step 1: Choose your Master online

You can consult the list of Masters and dual degrees and also view the Masters' presentations (using your Sciences Po ID and password) made during the Orientation week held from 17th to 20th January 2017. Academic advisors are also at your disposal if necessary, to answer any questions: do not hesitate to contact them.

The online procedure for choosing your Master for the academic year 2017-2018 takes place from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th March via your online student account. Your choices must be made before 19th March 2017 at midnight, French time. You can choose two options (in order of preference). If you choose a Master not subject to an admissions committee as your first choice, you are not obliged to make a second choice.

In order to help students with their selection, some Schools and Masters organize orientation interviews. In each case, please check the procedures relative to your choices.

These choices will be confirmed on your Sciences Po online interface in June. You will receive a newsletter when they are ready to be consulted.


  • Your administrative registration for the current year must be finalized before you can choose your Master.
  • If you are a third-year undergraduate student you have to indicate all your choices online, even for programmes that require special admission procedures (Dual degrees, School of Journalism, Doctoral School Masters).
  • You can only apply for one dual degree, including the Master of Corporate and Public Management (dual degree Sciences Po / HEC).
  • If you apply for a programme subject to an admission committee, you must indicate a second choice that is not.
  • If, on leaving the undergraduate programme, you wish to request a gap year or if you decide to leave Sciences Po, please tick the appropriate box in your student account before 30th May 2017.
  • For Masters for which orientation interviews take place after the online procedure on 16th to 19th March 2017: should you wish to change your choice following your interview, you can do so until 30th April by sending your choice to

Step 2: Follow the application procedures

In most cases, we ask you to provide a CV and cover letter to explain your choice of Master and your career objectives. These documents may be requested in English. Certain Masters taught in English require a specific level in English language (level C1).

Step 3: Choose your languages

To help us anticipate these requirements, we ask you to indicate your choices online at the same time as your choice of Master, along with the proficiency level:

  • For languages already studied during your undergraduate studies, your level is indicated on the page "Check your programme and language level" in the "Course registration" section of your student account. If you wish to take a Master in English, you should download your certificate of proficiency from your student interface and include it in your application.
  • If you decide to start a new language at Master's level, you must evaluate your proficiency yourself. The language charters available online will help you to identify your proficiency level. This procedure is obligatory, otherwise you will not be able register online for your courses.

Step 4: Submit a report on your studies abroad along with your transcripts, or your internship report

Step 5: Complete your course registration and administrative registration

All requests to take a gap year the following year must be registered online via your student interface before 30th April 2017.