Reims campus student associations

Reims campus student associations

Solidarity / Civic Engagement

1914-1918 Commemoration

Dijon, Reims

The group aims at being an actor of the commemorations of the centennial of the First World War, and create a link between the campus, the City of Reims and the Rémois.

    Amnesty International Sciences Po, Campus de Reims


    This group project is affiliated with the French branch of Amnesty International. We wish to bring together, on campus, all those interested in defending human rights. We plan to organize events centered around major human rights issues, both on campus and within the town of Reims (by assisting the Reims branch of Amnesty International).

    Our key focuses will include “10 Days to Sign” petition collections in December, a Reims book fair in November, the Spring of Youth Branches in April, but we also organize exhibits, debates and Urgent Action focuses regularly throughout the year. We will be more than pleased to welcome you and your ideas in organizing, planning and mobilizing on campus !

      Cordées de la réussite


      Foyer Saint Remi


      The Foyer Saint Remy is a "maison d'enfant à caractère social" located next to the campus. This Foyer welcomes around 80 children placed here by the justice because their parents were not able anymore to provide them with proper conditions of living.This project aims to make SciencesPo students able to commit to the community.

      In order to reach this goal this group organizes sessions in the foyer twice a week. Hence every week more than 16 students are mobilized directly in the foyer by helping children with their homeworks but also by playing games and sharing various times with them. However the group also wants to offer a chance for all the children to take part in afternoons that we organize around several themes throughout the year.

      Our goal this year is to organize two afternoons by semester and to maintain the two sessions per week in the foyer. Speaking french is better to interact with kids, that is why we are looking for people speaking french or willing to progress throughout the year. So if you are interested in sharing memorable moment with children and taking part in a project that makes sense we are waiting for you !



        Debating, expressing your emotions, liking pages and articles is good, but transforming your words into action is even better.

        Hundreds of thousands of refugees flee difficult situations, persecutions or political conflicts. Most originate from Syria, Eritrea, or Iraq. Their arrival and settlement in Europe is in reaction to a situation of emergency. When awareness has already been raised at Reims’ Sciences Po campus, we think that it is time to transform our ideas into action.

        The goal of our structure “Sciences Po acts for Reims’ refugees” is to help on the short and long run Reims’ organisations that already take care of refugees. JRS Welcome, the Secours Populaire, the Secours Catholique need your dynamism!

        On the short term, a fundraising will be put in place to help the Secours Populaire, who logistically helps the refugees.

        On the long run, we will create a network which will link Sciences Po’s students who wish to help refugees and Reims’ organisations, depending on their needs. For example, if the Red Cross needs volunteers to unload a truck, we will build up a team together.
        Sciences Po is not only about talking about the World’s problems, but also about taking care of the world’s problems. We want to transform our indignation into the best we can offer: an action!

          Les P'tits Cracks


          Students of Sciences Po in Reims are proud to support Les P'tits Cracks, a non-profit association aiming to accompany children during and after their struggle against cancer or leukemia, particularly by donating medical equipment and organizing outings.

            PSE - Pour Un Sourire d'Enfant, Sciences Po campus de Reims


            Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant is a French NGO based in Cambodia aiming at providing children who used to work in the dumpsites with quality education and vocational training.

            On campus, as a small branch of PSE-development (the youth branch of PSE), we aim at raising funds to finance PSE Summer Camps and at raising awareness on the situation of children in Cambodia amongst the student body as well as amongst Reims community.

            Since we have the opportunity to go as volunteers to the summer camps, we decided to raise money in order to help financing these. We are also trying to expand our action by getting in touch with the English branch of PSE based in London (For a child’s smile). If you want to join us or if you just have questions about the association and its action you can contact us via email, but also on Facebook by the name Ratana de PSE.

              Reims International Model United Nations (RIMUN)


              RIMUN’s objectives are:

              • the organization of yearly conferences destined to students, with the aim of training them to the becoming the leaders of tomorrow
              • the promotion of human rights, international cooperation and intercultural negotiation
              • the organization of debates and workshops during the year through RIMUN on Campus in order to prepare students to the upcoming conference
              • the representation of Sciences Po Paris in international conferences, through RIMUN Abroad
              • the fostering of a student dynamic in Sciences Po but also in the city of Reims, in order to promote diversity

                RIMUN on Campus


                Rotaract Club


                The Rotaract Club, supported by Rotary International, aims at taking actions of local and international public interest.

                As students of the Reims Campus of Sciences Po, we have two main objectives:

                • promoting international and cultural exchanges through the Welcome Program, in partnership with Notre-Dame Junior High School
                • raising funds for humanitarian support (diner-conference in partnership with the Rotary Club of Reims, concerts, bake and champaign sales, food drives etc.), in particular for the actions of Shelter Box (which provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster/humanitarian crisis). We also seek to help local causes such as Restos du Cœur.

                  Sciences Po Against Slavery


                  Slavery is one of the greatest injustices present in the modern world, and it is key that future political, economic, and legal professionals are made aware of the severity of human trafficking today.

                  SciencesPo Against Slavery will ensure that our campus community gains a fuller understanding of human trafficking, as well as take part in and introduce the community to avenues for contributing to the fight to end slavery.

                    Simple Law


                    Simple Law is a legal database which aims to create a more informed public by organizing laws into clear, navigable, and comprehensive categories.

                    Simple Law seeks to give individuals the power to easily and independently learn about the laws which affect their lives without relying on third party interpretation.

                      UNICEF Campus Reims


                      As acting on behalf of UNICEF, a solidary organisation, our interests at heart are child protection and welfare and raising awareness about the poor conditions children all over the world are faced with. As a campus-based association, UNICEF Campus Reims acts on a local level both on and off campus, in cooperation with UNICEF Marne, uniting to serve the cause in Reims and raise funds for causes in the name of children's rights.


                        AIESEC Sciences Po

                        Recognised association
                        Le Havre, Paris, Reims

                        AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. Since 1948 AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences, developing a global learning environment across 125 countries & territories.

                        Association de Sciences Po Pour l'Afrique (ASPA)

                        Recognised association
                        Paris, Reims

                        The ASPA aims at promoting the diversity, cultures and economic, political and social issues relating to the African Continent. As a platform for reflection and debate on the Continent's key position in world's global strategies, it wishes to attract any Sciences Po student keen on discovering and exchanging on significant past, contemporary and future matters.

                        Beavers Helping Beavers


                        We here at Sciences Po Reims are lucky to attend an institution where so many languages are spoken. Learning languages can often be hard, especially if students are unable to speak the languages they are learning outside of the classroom.

                        The goal of this program is to bring together native speakers (and fluent speakers) with those excited to learn and looking for help.

                          Chinese Beavelephants


                          Our association targets both Chinese people and students interested in the Chinese culture.

                          Our aim is to foster this wonderful culture throughout events organised both on campus and outside as well as discussions and debates on current social, economic and political events related to China.

                          We are currently working on establishing a “buddy program” that pair students so they can help each others learn Mandarin.

                          We look forward to welcoming you on our campus.



                            EPIC (Embracing and Promoting International Cultures) is an association whose goal is to promote the diversity of cultures on campus. We want to encourage students to share their culture and discover that of others, because we realize that in a multicultural university students tend to regroup around their own culture, or converge around an “international culture”.

                            We believe that the campus would benefit from, in addition to having a converging international culture, pulling out what makes each student special. We want to focus around certain themes, such as languages, arts and history (art, literature, music, traditions, history), and tourism.


                              Recognised association
                              Paris, Reims

                              A door to North America in Paris. Transatlantique is promoting north-american culture within SciencesPo. Lectures on american political life, gathering students to celebrate such event as Thanksgiving or Valentine's day, Transatlantique is making SciencesPo runs at american time .


                              Association sportive (AS) - Reims

                              Permanent association

                              The AS is one of the permanent bureaux on campus. It focuses mainly on making sure that everyone can be involved in and practice sports, as we feel it is very important in a student's life. Especially Minicrit's sports (soccer, rugby, volley, basketball and cheerleading) are available but also a lot of other sports thanks to several partnerships with the city of Reims such as with the Tennis Club de Reims or with the FFSU. The AS thus aims at taking part in the city's sport life, through sporting events or partnerships, and at integrating people on campus through their favorite activity and through intercampus events to get ready for Minicrit where all of the campus face each other in a sport and artistic competition, for which we will definitely be on the podium next year!

                                Living Chess Society


                                The Living Chess Society is a group of friends that gathers around a chessboard. It privileges jokes over good moves, lightness over seriousness, friendship over chess. This is what makes it Living. We want the 64 squares of the board to become the tool to understand the opponent, enjoy his presence, talk and have fun.

                                  Arts and Culture

                                  Bureau des arts (BDA) - Reims

                                  Permanent association

                                  The BDA's mission is to inform students about artistic opportunities and events in Reims, and to create opportunities and events on the campus itself.

                                  We are involved in all possible realms of the arts - from photography, music and cinema, to theatre and poetry.

                                  Champagne Tasting Club


                                  The Champagne Tasting Club aims at providing the student with the oenologic and cultural knowledge related with champagne. From the grapes to the glass, we want to give students a precise insight on the regional emblem.

                                    Chill Beans


                                    Founded in 2011, we are the campus band that performs at school events such as Yelloween and Gala. However, our main objective is to work together throughout the year to write original music for the Collégiades to represent our campus.

                                      Découvrir la littérature contemporaine






                                      Exp(ose) aims at showcasing young artistic and fashion creations, from the Reims region and beyond it, during a night of art, glamour and intercampus socializing.

                                        France Exposition Universelle 2025


                                        France Exposition Universelle 2025 is a student-based group project, which participates in a country-wide project of university students, who contribute to the development and projections of how should France EXPO 2025 be conceptualized and organized.

                                        The project aim to put into practice the teaching through an exciting and innovating project. The specific objective of our group was to present the project of a pavilion to be hosted in the Reims station for France’s candidacy to Expo 2025.

                                          Joie de Livre


                                          Our main goal was to offer an environment in which students can meet and discuss literature, and rediscover reading for pleasure. We discussed novels, short stories, and poems which fell under specific themes. This year our two main themes were murder mysteries and violence in literature.

                                            Minicrit Movie


                                            An association that represents the short film sector of Reims Campus; it is open to everyone regardless of previous experience in film-making. The purpose is to provide a space for students who are interested in cinema and movie-making.

                                            The major outcome of this association is to produce a short-movie that represents our campus for the Arts category in Minicrit, the end of the year competition between campuses.



                                              SciencesPo’s a cappella choir: to encourage creative expression and personal development through musical collaboration, and maintain a strong and positive presence in our campus environment.

                                                Révolte toi

                                                Recognised association
                                                Paris, Reims

                                                The Club de Débat Révolte toi aims promoting debating and public speaking in French, by handling regular training sessions all year long and different events towards students.

                                                Sciences Geek


                                                Sciences Geek’s goal is to bring a new eye to the geek culture and wipe away all of the clichés it can bring. We aim at discussing contemporary issues through video games, comics and pop culture to bring a more ludic way to debate between students. We want to organize events related to the geek culture such as video game tournaments, conferences and expositions.

                                                We will also propose computing tutorials to help students with their computer problems (Office, code courses, software repairs, etc.).


                                                  Recognised association
                                                  Paris, Reims

                                                  Cultural promotion of electronic music within student environment. Highlighting of an artistic field within an institution that features cultural diversity regardless its nature. Activity encapsulates organisation of conferences and other gatherings around electronic music.

                                                  The Couch Potatoes


                                                  Whether you're a compulsive binge-watcher able to consume four seasons of Game of Thrones in three days, or simply a casual spectator who just wants to have a good time watching Scandal, The Couch Potatoes got you covered.

                                                  We are a brand new association about TV shows, seeking to talk and debate about the contemporary issues brought by the eighth art through articles, screenings, conferences, debates and many other events. TV Shows are now an art, let’s present them in a whole new manner that will both entertain us, but also make us reflect upon many contemporary issues.

                                                    The Distinguished Lecture Series

                                                    Recognised association

                                                    This organisation aims at organizing lectures and discussions within the Reims campus of Sciences Po or other places, that are open to Sciences Po students or any other person that presents no counter-indication to attend them. Le aim of the association is to promote social dialogue and cultural opening.

                                                    The Vibes


                                                    SciencesPo’s a cappella choir: to encourage creative expression and personal development through musical collaboration, and maintain a strong and positive presence in our campus environment.

                                                      TOC (La Table des Obsédés Culinaires)


                                                      TOC is the new culinary association of the Reims campus. It is aimed at promoting cooking within the campus by organizing various events (culinary contests…) and cooking lessons with professionals. We will also suggest recipes and enable students to share theirs with others.



                                                        If you were that kid who grew up with Miyazaki, that kid whose father forced to sit through the Godfather until he ended up loving it: UnFramed is for you. If you just want to stay updated on the latest films that came out: UnFramed is for you. If you have any kind of interest in cinema, UnFramed is for you!

                                                        Through reviews, articles, debates and conferences, UnFramed will provide you more than enough opportunities to write out your wildest interpretations of 2001, to express your justified frustration with the Oscars, or to discuss words of wisdom from your favorite directors, such as: "Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out." (Martin Scorsese). Cinephiles of Reims, UnFramed is the association to follow!

                                                          Student life

                                                          Bureau des élèves (BDE) - Reims

                                                          Permanent association

                                                          The BDE is one of the permanent Bureaux on campus. Its aim is to organize student life through inclusive events that would help incoming students to mingle and get to know each other and the city.

                                                          Campus Ambassadors


                                                          Campus Ambassadors is a group focused on the campus’s outreach to the outside world. In close cooperation with the administration, we seek to share the value of our experience at Sciences Po in general, and in Reims specifically, to all those interested in our community through campus tours, the JPO, visits to lycées, contacts with other universities, and all other activities concerned with the external outreach of our campus.



                                                            To welcome and integrate new students into the Reims Campus of Sciences Po and guide incoming students through the process of coming to Sciences Po and to Reims from abroad.

                                                              L'Association des Alumni


                                                              Since the campus' opening in 2010, each generation of students has contributed to the growth and helped shape the future of our campus, forging unique memories of their own time in Reims. The Alumni association of the campus of Sciences Po in Reims was created in 2014 to celebrate these memories and to perpetuate the bonds created between students.

                                                              The association aims to create enduring alumni relations and serve as a platform for personal initiative, encouraging students to propose and contribute to alumni-related activities. As Reims becomes a central part of Sciences Po’s College Universitaire, the Alumni Association will support the growth of the campus as well as alumni after they leave the Collège des Jésuites.

                                                              The alumni association is:

                                                              • An Academic Network: The Association is a resource for the students leaving for their third year abroad and for those continuing graduate studies at Sciences Po or elsewhere.
                                                              • A Professional Network: Students of the Reims campus have diverse backgrounds and are destined for international careers. The Alumni career network shares the professional experience of its members and helps students with their own career related questions. We encourage you to join our Alumni group on Linkedin !
                                                              • A social network: Various alumni gatherings are organized throughout the year in Paris, Reims, and wherever our alumni are present in the world.

                                                                Student Communication


                                                                Reims Student Communication is a student-created institution with the aim of facilitating and channeling communication on campus. It creates and maintains a platform for the efficient exchange of information, both between student associations/group projects and the Reims campus, the administration and the students and the general public.



                                                                  We are the campus' supporters. Our aim is to foster the euro-american program’s spirit and cohesion all throughout the year, in order to deliver a strong showing at Minicrit (a sport and art competition between all 8 campuses of SciencesPo Paris).

                                                                  Our objective is to create a supportive and inclusive environment so that all students feel part of this campus, ideally contributing to the Minicrit effort by playing sports, or getting involved in arts, or just plain supporting.

                                                                    Welcome Program Rotaract - Notre Dame


                                                                    How best to approach a foreign culture? How best to integrate into a new environment across the world from one's own country?

                                                                    Worried about such questions and insecurities, the Welcome program association, run by the Rotaract Club of Sciences Po Paris - Reims Campus, in partnership with Notre-Dame Junior High School, offers to put foreign students in contact with local families. These families generously offer to welcome students from time to time over a meal, an outing, a family activity...

                                                                    Events gathering all families and students involved in the program are also organized all year long in order to foster those cultural exchanges (visits, theatre outings, themed meetings, etc.).

                                                                    Like so, students get the opportunity to benefit to the fullest from the social and cultural experience that surrounds them by a language immersion, as well as to tie bonds with local families.

                                                                      Yearbook Association


                                                                      Our association aims to produce an American-style yearbook capturing key moments and events from the school year and highlight the illustrious spirit of the Reims campus.

                                                                        Peer group

                                                                        Centre Saint Guillaume

                                                                        Recognised association
                                                                        Paris, Reims

                                                                        The Centre Saint Guillaume is the catholic center of SciencesPo. Our house, 42 rue de Grenelle, is open all week long from 8am to 7pm. Don't hesitate to come meet us, chat, pray, anytime of the day! We organize multiple activities : prayers, solidarity actions, conferences, ... Every thursday evening : mass, dinner and conference!



                                                                        Elsa Reims


                                                                        The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is an international organization with over 40.000 members in 41 countries, including 8 existing branches in France, which provides an access for students within the Champagne-Ardennes Region to the academic and professional legal network on a global scale.

                                                                        Opportunities for its members include taking part in international conferences, having access to a database of law internships and traineeships as well as participating in delegations to the UN.

                                                                          La Strada

                                                                          Recognised association
                                                                          Paris, Reims

                                                                          The franco-italian association that will make you visit Italy while staying in Paris !

                                                                          Sciences O

                                                                          Recognised association
                                                                          Dijon, Paris, Reims

                                                                          Welcome overseas students in our school and carry about student preparation for the various entrance exams at Sciences Po. Be an integral youth movement, a force of proposals and actions. Promote our cultures through conferences, forums, meetings and after works.

                                                                          Economy / Entrepreneurship

                                                                          Junior Consulting - Reims


                                                                          Sciences Econ


                                                                          Sciences Econ sought to enrich the campus's as well as the members's interest in the field of economics through debates, both inside and outside the group.

                                                                          Moreover, because of Sciences Pos long tradition of public service and contribution in the political sphere (french and international), Sciences Econ's main goal was to illustrate the importance of economic analyse and policy in politics.


                                                                            Recognised association
                                                                            Nancy, Paris, Poitiers, Reims

                                                                            We_Start is a student association that promotes digital entrepreneurship within Sciences Po and the parisian student entrepreneurial ecosystem.


                                                                            Kaleido Magazine


                                                                            Kaleido Magazine aims at capturing the artistic spirit of the campus and to act as an outlet for creative and reflective expression.

                                                                              Reims City Broadcasting


                                                                              Provide quality, regular student radio programming to the campus and surrounding community.

                                                                                The Sundial


                                                                                The Sundial is a campus-wide magazine dedicated to producing top-quality news and opinion pieces written by students.

                                                                                  The Sundial TV


                                                                                  The Sundial TV is the TV channel of the Euro-American campus. Its team is composed of students who wish to inform and entertain Sciences Pistes and other net surfers through the report of the news of the campus, the events in the city, and so much more.

                                                                                    Debates / Politics

                                                                                    Les Jeunes Européens - Reims


                                                                                    « Les Jeunes Européens - Reims », is a dual association:

                                                                                    • Firstly, it is a group project in Sciences Po, the aim of which is to raise awareness to European issues in a culturally diverse and often un-European landscape, with a high percentage of American students.
                                                                                    • Secondly, it is a formal association, recognised by the Law on Association of 1905. It is part of the larger "Jeunes Européens France", the goal of which is to militate in favour of, and throw to the limelight, the promotion of a European identity.

                                                                                    Here are a few examples of what we did last year and planning to do this year:

                                                                                    • 2 days trip to Brussels to visit the EU institutions
                                                                                    • Political debate at SciencesPo between representatives of French political parties
                                                                                    • Projection of the film Ida
                                                                                    • Europe à l’Ecole (we were invited to speak about the EU to children in their schools)
                                                                                    • Writing/translating articles published online (
                                                                                    • Invite guest speakers at SciencesPo (Herman van Rompuy, Nicole Fontaine, Romano Prodi, Gilles de Kerchove)

                                                                                      Les Républicains de Sciences Po

                                                                                      Recognised association
                                                                                      Menton, Paris, Reims

                                                                                      LR Sciences Po promotes right-wing ideas at Sciences Po. As the most important political section, it launches weekly events like conferences, meetings, afterworks, campaign actions, political research on current issues, debating training. Our members may join work groups with French politicians who could become governement members after the elections in 2017.

                                                                                      Mouvement des jeunes socialistes Sciences Po

                                                                                      Recognised association
                                                                                      Paris, Reims

                                                                                      The association promotes the action of the French Young Socialists within the framework of Sciences Po Paris.

                                                                                        Political Theory Symposium


                                                                                        The project was born with the aim of promoting political theory, a subject that already plays a core role in the student's’ academic curriculum, in the Reims Campus. The objective is to bring the students closer to the academic approach on political theory, giving them the chance to engage the main issues of the political theory debate with expert academics.

                                                                                          Sciences Po Union


                                                                                          The Sciences Po Union hosts formal monthly debates on different issues, mainly political, of our Euro-American region. This is meant to be an English speaking debate club in which, at every event, three (students, teachers, guests or members of the wider Reims community) will defend a motion and other three will oppose it.

                                                                                            Sciences Polémiques


                                                                                            The aim of Sciences Polémiques is to introduce students to public speaking, and to promote the taste for oratory arts, well-written speeches and interesting debates.

                                                                                            Sciences Polémiques wishes to do so thanks to workshops, debates and speech contests, in the tradition of French "éloquence".

                                                                                              Sciences Publica


                                                                                              Although we bring many different political views to the project, we are connected through our shared belief in the nature of “the public”, which for us encompasses a culture of lively debate, the struggle for equal access to public goods, as well as an effort to limit the influence of special interest on public policy making. In this spirit, we have chosen the name “Sciences Publica” for our group, hoping to create a lasting forum for alternative thought at Sciences Po.

                                                                                              We are hoping to create controversial debates on campus, reach out to the local Reims community by offering them bilingual panel discussions and volunteering with local organizations, and inspire other students on campus to get involved in working for a stronger democracy.

                                                                                                TEDx Sciences Po Campus Reims


                                                                                                The objective of our TEDx event was to spread innovative knowledge throughout our campus with the interactive and original conferences made by our speakers, coming from various backgrounds and countries with numerous professional and life stories.

                                                                                                  Think Libéral Sciences Po


                                                                                                  Health / Fight against discrimination

                                                                                                  Licra Sciences Po


                                                                                                  LICRA Sciences Po is a subdivision of the famous French organization LICRA which is fighting against anti-Semitism and Racism for more than 80 years.

                                                                                                  LICRA Sciences Po is an organizer of various events and activities aimed to educate and encourage the youth to join the anti-racist effort.


                                                                                                    Recognised association
                                                                                                    Team project
                                                                                                    Dijon, Nancy, Paris, Reims

                                                                                                    Politiqu'elles is a mixed and apolitical youth network, working toward women empowerment in public and private realms. We aim at raising awareness among young people on persisting gender inequalities.

                                                                                                    The Feminist Society


                                                                                                    Feminism can be defined as any form of activism and/or study of equal rights and equal treatment among all genders, binary and nonbinary. The objective of the Feminist Society is to encourage not only the existence of feminist discourse in the halls of Sciences Po, but also to provide a space for students to explore both traditional and new constructs of feminism.

                                                                                                    This year, the association has expanded its reach to a more research-based field, believing that while it is important to study the great feminists of our time, we as students must contribute to the body of work in the environment in which we study.


                                                                                                      Sciences Paws


                                                                                                      Sciences Paws aims at raising awareness and funds to contribute to the promotion and protection of animal rights at different scales. To do so, we organise events on campus (such as vegetarian dinners, documentary screenings, conferences, etc.) as well as regular shelter visits to the animal shelter we are partner with in Reims, called Les Amis des Bêtes.

                                                                                                      This year, we thus had the pleasure to greet on campus representatives from international NGOs such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Sea Shepherd !

                                                                                                      The Sciences Paws team looks forward to informing you about what actions can be taken at the individual level to support the conservation and well-being of animals.

                                                                                                      Do not hesitate to visit our Facebook page for a longer description of our mission and aims!

                                                                                                      Sciences Po Environnement - Reims

                                                                                                      Permanent association

                                                                                                      Sciences Po Environment is the association dealing with sustainable development issues on campus. We thus aim at helping and encouraging each actor of the campus, be it Euraf, Euram and Exchange students, the administration, the teachers or the partners of the campus, to adopt a greener behavior.

                                                                                                      Whether you are a vegan tofu eater or just interested by environmental issues, whether you belong to hundreds of green activist circles or whether you'd just like to bring little changes on campus, we need your motivation, your good mood, your dynamism, and your skills!

                                                                                                      Our association is divided in 6 poles:

                                                                                                      • Paniers Bio: weekly distribution of organic locally produced vegetables
                                                                                                      • Natural Discoveries: organization of events such as hiking trips to raise awareness on the co- dependency of environmental and personal well-being
                                                                                                      • Green Student Life: selling recycled paper readers, raising awareness on campus on sustainable development issues and managing the relationships with the other campuses for the special events...
                                                                                                      • Green Campus: taking care of the relationships with the administration to make the campus greener
                                                                                                      • Conferences: organizing conferences on campus about environmental issues 
                                                                                                      • Urban Agriculture: takes care of the newly opened vegetables garden on campus!