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Silicosis Colloquium 2014: "the role of inorganic particles in pulmonary, systemic and autoimmune diseases"

Sciences Po Paris, November 14th-15th, 2014

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New publication, April 2014: Health and work at the mine, XIX - XXI centuries

Paul-André Rosental published a new book on health and work at the mine during the ninetieth and twentieth century under the direction of Judith Rainhorn and in collaboration with ten other colleagues.

Since the inclusion of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coalfield on the World Heritage Site’s list in 2011, the mine is a place of universal memory and miners heroes and martyrs of a vanished world. Mining, which almost disappeared in Old Europe and the countries of early industrialization, is now expanding in most emerging countries and constitute an essential economical activity in China, Brazil, Southern Africa and India.

Building the myth of a working world proud of its values ​​of courage, solidarity and virility, Zola definitively linked in our imagination the mine with danger and disaster. But the old Maheux in the book Germinal also concedes: "Coal, I have it in my lungs, enough to heat me all winter ." Away from the image of collective death, work at the mine also generates sickness and silent agony through silicosis, hookworm, siderosis and cancers, which show the contours of a mass disaster, far more deadly, lived on an individual level by those who linked their lives to the mine during the last two centuries.

Septentrion publishing house (in french)

"Occupational diseases, workers management and social insurance in the twentieth century"

Presentation (in french) by Paul Andre Rosental, during a seminar about the logic of progress and the management of its damage. Economy, expertise and government, from 1800, at the Koyre center on the "National and transnational regulatory systems" session.

March 4th, 2014

"Declining Mine"

French-japanese views on the end of the mining industry

Seminar in french and japanese with Paul Andre Rosental at the Maison Franco-japonaise in Tokyo.

February 15, 2014

program (in french and japanese) (pdf, 488 Ko)