Print only when absolutely necessary!

What Sciences Po has done

Sciences Po has rationalized the printing facilities it provides for the campus community to minimize the cost of consumables (electricity, ink, paper, etc.):

  • In 2009, Sciences Po replaced its stand-alone printers with networked photocopiers.
  • Your documents are thus not printed directly from your terminal. A secure system stores your printing requests and you must log in on the photocopier terminal to launch the printing task.

What you can do

  • Print only when absolutely necessary.
  • Get into the habit of consulting digital content on the screen rather than on paper.
  • Recycle the reverse side of your printouts for use as scrap paper (this can serve as a good alternative to notebooks). 
  • Print double-sided whenever possible.
  • Print several pages on each sheet of paper: File > Print > Properties > Field “Favorite settings” = “2 in 1”.
  • Before printing, select the pages you need using “View before printing”: for example, you can decide not to print the last page if it contains unimportant information, or, in some cases, you can reduce the scale to fit the content on fewer pages.
  • If your document is longer than 10 pages, select the “booklet” format, which will produce a nice brochure: File > Print > Properties > "My tab" > Type of printing: "Booklet"
  • Minimize color printing