Online learning resources for students

The sites listed below represent only a portion of the resources available. You can also make use of the resources offered under the “For all” heading, as well as certain of the open-access resources for faculty and researchers.

  • Moodle: access learning resources made available by professors 
  • E-Languages: explanations and applications for e-learning sessions
  • E-methodology cards: methodology cards for the baccalauréat, for concours exams, final exams, etc.
  • The Civic Learning Programme: to enable you to carry out a series of actions essential to validating your Civic Learning Programme

In addition to learning applications, you can also take advantage of the following resource centers:

  • SPIRE, open archive: official repository for scholarly work produced at Sciences Po
  • The Medialab: site for experimentation, observation and research, resource center
  • The library’s digital resources 
  • SAM, enriched video archive