Email tips

Take care in creating your emails

  • Select your addressee: send your message only to the intended recipient. An incorrectly addressed email is a waste of everybody’s time.
  • Carefully distinguish between types of recipients, i.e. “To” and “Cc”: In the “To” or “For” field, place the person who is supposed to act in response to your email; in the “Cc” or “Copy” field, place the person whom you wish to keep informed. 
  • Clearly indicate the subject of the message in the “Object” (or “Subject”) field. An accurate message subject will help the recipient determine which messages should be given highest priority.

Be brief and put your message into context

  • Use short and precise sentences. If the message is long, split it into several paragraphs for ease of reading.
  • Check for errors. A quick reread will enable you to eliminate typos and careless mistakes.

Keep an eye on message size

  • You can estimate the total size of your message by multiplying the total size of the attachments by the number of recipients (example: 2 MB x 3 recipients = 6 MB). If your attachment is too large it might be refused by the recipient’s service provider, if the provider imposes a limit on attachment size.
  • Use Google Drive for large files: you store them there, you can also share them with recipients directly from there. 
  • Beware of elements that take up a lot of space: a raw photo, a large logo, an excessively repeated image can increase the size of your email and prevent it from being sent. Check these things in case of delivery failure.

Send your mass mailings with care

If you do not wish to reveal the email addresses of some of your addressees, place them in the “Bcc" (or "Blind copy") field.