Digital accessibility projects at Sciences Po

On February 11, 2013 representatives of the entire Sciences Po community signed the "Accessible Sciences Po letter of commitment" (FR, PDF, 712 KB), which deals with, among other aspects, digital accessibility. Below are some of the projects currently underway.

Making the library’s site and digital resources accessible (a project of the Library Resources Office)

Bringing the website into compliance with the RGAA standard, level double A, is a first step. The accessibility of digital resources represents a more complex challenge since many of the services are provided by third parties.

The library is also working on the accessibility of the building and the information desk.

It makes every effort to provide information to all library users (circulation of the “Accessible Library” guide, listing the full range of services offered by the library).

Accessibility coordinators: Yanick Ngan, Samia Khelifi

Ongoing process of making websites accessible (project of the Information Systems Office)

The standard used is the RGAA, level AA.

  • The site kit, which has been used for the creation of the institution’s sites since 2011, is 80% accessible
  • New sites created since January 2012 thanks to this tool, are accessible
  • Training is provided for site editors so that they can take care of making their content accessible
  • New sites have an "Accessibility" page, which is activated by the accessibility coordinator if the content is sufficiently accessible 
  • A second stage involves certification by an external service, Temesis, who provides, after undertaking an audit, a certificate of compliance
  • The accessibility coordinators keep an eye on content quality, in regular contact with web editors
  • Each activated "Accessibility" page provides a dedicated and open channel of communication
  • Any upgrades to the site kit are audited for the quality of their accessibility

The project also provides for:

  • the establishment of a team of accessibility coordinators from different offices (Academic Affairs, library)
  • in-house training of the various actors involved with the web (designers, coders, Drupal experts and editors)

Accessibility coordinator: Eve Demazière.

Ongoing process of making web applications accessible (project of the Information Systems Office)

The respective project supervisors in charge of digital projects have added accessibility to their specifications:

  • "Admissions" application: completed in spring 2014, the application is 100% accessible. It is complemented by the Admissions website, which is 94% accessible.
  • "Sciences Po Account" application: for managing passwords