Authentication and login ID

The key to your personal information

Login ID or Sciences Po account | Your password | Access to your Student Account or Faculty Account

Login ID or Sciences Po account

Among the wide range of digital resources available through Sciences Po, some offer personalized services. In order to protect the confidentiality of data stored on our network, you must log in using your Sciences Po account, which is made up of your username (firstname.lastname) and password.

Your account is created automatically once your relationship with Sciences Po is officially established.

The standard format for creating a username is as follows: firstname.lastname. In the event that members of the Sciences Po community share the same name, a digit is added to the end of the username. For example: firstname.lastname1.

To open a session on a computer (staff computer, open-access computer, library computer), you will need to use your login followed by "':, and your password.

Student and faculty login IDs

Your account for accessing Sciences Po digital resources (Google Apps, e-courses, WIFI, online library, etc.) is created automatically. 

Your password, created automatically, is sent to you by email at your personal recovery email address. You can personalize it: see below "How do I change my password?".

If you didn't receive the email, please contact the Helpdesk.

Staff login IDs

An account is created by the Office of Human Resources for every new member of staff: you can obtain your login ID by contacting the Helpdesk.

You will need this account for doing any of the following:

  • Opening a session on your computer
  • Accessing Google Apps, your applications, and your personal data, especially data related to “human resources”.

Your password

Your password gives you access to your personal data. However, if it is too easy to guess, it can also leave the Sciences Po information system vulnerable to access by a third party with malicious intentions. In the interest of strong data security, Sciences Po asks all users:

  • to create passwords according to certain standards,
  • to change passwords every 6 months,
  • to not reuse old passwords. 

For details about how to create a strong password, see Confidentiality and security.

We must point out that the use of another person’s login ID constitutes identity theft and is a criminal offense, according to the LOPPSI Law of March 14, 2011.

Password expiration

Your password expires after 6 months. You’ll be invited to renew it 15, 7 and 3 days before its expiration.

If you do not renew it in time, it will be automatically replaced by a random password. To change it, you can do so by logging in and following the instructions: Changing your security information (PDF, 260KB)

How do I change my password? What do I do if I forget it?

Nobody (not even the Information Systems Office) knows your password. If you forget it, it cannot be recovered. You must reset it yourself using your recovery email address.

If you wish to change it for any reason, you can do so by logging in and following the instructions: Changing your security information (PDF, 260KB)

Why and how do I indicate a recovery email address?

The recovery email address is an external personal email address. It is used to receive activation emails and change-of-password requests. It allows you to independently reset your password in the event that you forget it.

To enter or change your recovery email address, see Changing your security information (PDF, 260KB).

If you change your password within the deadline (i.e. before your password expires), you will not need this recovery email address.

If you have any problems,  contact the Helpdesk.

Access to your Student Account or Faculty Account

Your login is your student or faculty card's number.

Logging in for the first time

To log in to your Student Account or your Faculty Account for the first time, use your date of birth (DDMMYY) as a password (for example, 010480 if you were born April 1st, 1980). If we don't have your date of birth, use the 6 last numbers on your student or faculty card's number.

Once you are logged in, you must modify your password.

Thus, students and faculty have two sets of login IDs:

  • an account for your student or faculty account: number + password
  • an account for all other applications: firstname.lastname + password