Master’s thesis

As part of a reform to the European Affairs Master’s programme (MAE), students are now given the opportunity to complete a master’s dissertation towards the end of their studies. This option is provided in addition to that of a semester of study abroad or an internship. With express permission by the director of studies, it will be possible to undertake the dissertation at the same time as a semester of study abroad or an internship. The option must also be accepted by the steering committee of the MAE.

Objectives of the Dissertation

The main objective is to allow students to deepen their understanding and knowledge and enhance their expertise in a particular domain that they aim to develop with regard to their professional career. Consequently, the opportunity to proceed will be conditional upon acceptance by the steering committee, which will evaluate the coherence and suitability of the proposal in relation to the student’s planned career path.

Generally, with the exception of the field of economics and Business, it is possible to complete the dissertation as a research paper intended to be part of a student’s candidacy for a Phd application to Sciences Po or elsewhere. The exact form should be discussed with those in charge of each respective discipline.

Conditions and Organisation

The composition of the dissertation is subject to the express approval of the steering committee. With this in mind, it is essential to indicate one’s intention to write a dissertation to the director of the relevant discipline or master’s programme as soon as possible, optimally at the beginning of the second semester. At the very latest, notice must be given at the beginning of the third semester.

Contacts and supplementary information

For all further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the director of the relevant field of study.

Download this document in PDF : Undertaking a Dissertation in the 4th Semester of the European Affairs Master (PDF, 632 Ko)

Example of master's thesis