Global Health

Master in Public Policy: Global Health, English track, semesters 3 and 4

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9 March, 2016

Programme 2016-2018

Semester 3

School of Public Affairs Core Courses (please select 1 course)
Courses Hours / semester
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Master in Public Policy: Global Health, English track, semester 2

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22 December, 2016

Programme 2016-2018

Master in Public Policy: Global Health, English track, semester 1

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7 July, 2016

Programme 2016-2018

Personal Project

The fourth and last semester is dedicated to a personal project. Students choose one of the following options.


The internship must have a minimum duration of 14 consecutive weeks and cannot last more than 6 months. It must be a full-time internship within a single institution. The missions must be in line with the academic program and the student's professional project.

For more information on finding an internship and required formalities, visit our career center's website:

Policy streams

In addition to the School of Public Affairs' core courses, students are required to choose one policy stream among the following.

Global Health

General objective

The policy stream "Global Health Policy" focuses on the most important challenges of the sector, ranging from pandemics to health regulation, from technological innovation to ethics, preparing the next generation of leaders in the field. The sector already represents a rising share of world GDP, and is expected to grow even more in the near future due to several trends: development, aging population, social changes, emerging risks, technological innovation, etc.