Special Features

Special features are optionals. For student who opt to take a special feature, please select one only.

Projets collectifs (Annual Projects): if you enroll for an annual project you may ask for a waiver for a core curriculum course in the Spring, pending on the approval of your academic advisor.

Annual Projects

Projet collectifs (Annual Projects)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructorsResources
MCOL2000 - Projet Collectif (to be credited in the Spring) 6 Les projets collectifs

The Team Project ("Projets Collectifs") is an optional module offered to all graduate students at Sciences Po, which counts for 6 credits ECTS. It is based on an annual commitment and credits are granted for the spring semester.

Based on a professionally oriented experience, the Team Project allows students to acquire a global and concrete vision of project management. 

Students are split into teams, 3-5 in each, to carry out the project in tandem with a public institution, a company or an association, from September to May, with an average of three hours of work per week. 

A group of three students minimum can also suggest a project to our team. The launch of the project will depend on its validation.

If you enroll for a Team Project, you can ask for a waiver of a core course for the spring semester, pending on the approval of your academic advisor. Dual Degree students are not eligible for a waiver, as they risk not meeting the academic requirements for their first year of study.

The full list of Team Projects 2017-2018 will be available from the week of July 10th on the dedicated website. 

Registration for the academic year 2017-2018 will take place from August 28th to September 4th 2017.

If you have any question, please consult our website or contact our team: projets.collectifs@sciencespo.fr


Optional courses

Taking one course of Methods is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue a Master Thesis in year 2.

Semester 1 - PSIA Special Features (optional)

For students who opt to take a special feature, please select one only. Hours / semester: 24 hours, ECTS: 4

Semester 2 and 4 - PSIA Special Features (optional)

CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructors
A second modern foreign language244 
OBUS2045 - Initiation à l’entreprenariat244Jacques-Henri EYRAUD
OBUS2070 - Atelier de créativité entrepreneuriale(inscription libre en ligne mais sélection définitive par l'enseignante après la 1ère séance de cours)244Alessandra COCITO
OBUS2050 - Préparation au jury de sélection (sur sélection)244Jean-François LEMERCIER, Alexandre ALMAJEANU
KINT4025 - Atelier d'art oratoire244Cyril DELHAY
KINT4030 - Public Speaking Workshop244Cyril DELHAY, David JACQUIN, Hervé PATA
KINT4030 - Public Speaking Workshop244Cyril DELHAY, Hervé PATA
KINT7650 - Public Speaking Workshop - Level 2244Cyril DELHAY, David JACQUIN, Hervé PATA, Vladimir HAULET
OBME2010 - Cartographier l'international244Patrice MITRANO
OBME2100 - Research Design and Writing in the Social Sciences244Nadège RAGARU
OBME2080 - Evaluating Social Programs : Randomized Experiments244Ilf BENCHEIKH, Victor POULIQUEN
KOUT2015 - Outils quantitatifs II244Didier SCHLACTHER
OBGP3155 - Outils de gestion244Catherine MORIN , Dominique DE SAINT SERNIN
OBGP3140 - Outils de gestion244Thierry CORNILLE
OBGP3135 - Accounting244Olivier BEGUIN
OAEA2110 - Advanced Econometrics: Time Series04Christophe RAULT
OAEA2120 - Advanced Econometrics: Panel Series244Francisco SERRANITO
Wellness Workshops & Stress Management (Managed by the Health Centre)  1 
Semester 2 and 4- PSIA Special Features (optional)
For students who opt to take a special feature, please select one only