Human Rights and Humanitarian Action - Semesters 2 and 4

Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action - Programme 2016-2017: Semester 2 and 4

Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum (Semester 2 only: Please select 1 course - 24 hours)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructorsResources
Formation commune de Sciencse Po246 Formation commune

Students must take one course from "Formation commune de Sciences Po" in Semester 1 and one in Semester 2

Skills (Semester 2: Please select 1 course - 24 hours)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructorsResources
Skills244 Syllabus

Students must take one skills course, either in Semester 1 or in Semester 2. Students may choose the language of instruction. Please note that students may obtain a waiver for the skills course upon presentation of the appropriate justifications (transcripts, syllabi and letter of motivation) before course registration to their academic advisor who makes the final decision. As a consequence, students will attempt 4 fewer credits overall during their program.

Core curriculum (Please select 3 courses in different categories - 72 hours)*
TypeCoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructorsResources
Human Rights and International Law
1st year students: one course required
2nd year students: students may take 1 course
KINT4175 - International Public Law (Lecture)244Rosemary Ann BYRNESyllabus
KINT4170 - Droit International Public (cours magistral)244Gérard CAHINSyllabus
OADH2055 - The International Criminal Court and Human Rights (Lecture)244William SCHABASSyllabus
KINT4650 - Law of Armed Conflict244Svetlana ZASOVA, Sara AMINISyllabus
OADH4080 - Fundamentals of International Criminal Law244Annyssa BELLALSyllabus
KINT7600 - Responsability of International Organisations: Law and Global Governance244Pierre BODEAU-LIVINECSyllabus
KINT4810 - Droits des conflits armés244Olivier BARRATSyllabus
KINT7610 - Cyber Law244Andrew MURRAYSyllabus
KINT4945 - International Law and the Use of Force244Olivier CORTENSyllabus
OADH3090 - La protection internationale : réfugiés, apatrides et déplacés244Caroline LALY-CHEVALIER, Julian FERNANDEZ, Jacques Dia GONDOSyllabus
OADH2090 - Le droit international des secours humanitaires entre le droit de la guerre et la lutte contre le terrorisme244Françoise BOUCHET SAULNIERSyllabus
KINT4635 - International Organizations: Law and Practice on the International Civil Service244Souheil EL ZEINSyllabus
OADH4070 - Capstone Course on Counter-Terrorism and International Crimes (background in law required) ***
*For 1st year students already registered during Fall semester and offered to 2nd year students)
244Sharon WEILLSyllabus
KINT5045 - International Law and Security244Robin GEISSSyllabus
KINT5035 - Law of International Organizations244Gerd DROESSESyllabus
Perspectives in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
1st year students: one course required
2nd year students: students may take 1 course
OADH4050 - Human Rights in International Politics (Lecture)244Anthony DWORKINSyllabus
KINT4645 - War and the International Order244Jean Baptiste JEANGENE VILMERSyllabus
OADH3035 - Human Rights, Freedom of Movement, Migration and Asylum in a Security Context244Didier BIGOSyllabus
OCAF2110 - The Politics and Practice of Child Rights in Africa – Rhetoric and Reality244Ian HOPWOODSyllabus
OADH4040 - The Main Challenges of Humanitarian Action in an Evolving World244Christelle BOULANGERSyllabus
OCSA2050 - Democracy in India244Christophe JAFFRELOTSyllabus
OBGP2040 - Designing Relief Projects in Conflict and Disaster Settings244A.Charlotte SCHNEIDER, Hélène JULIARDSyllabus
OADH4075 - Socio-Economic Rights and Development : from Theory to Action (lecture)244Jérémy PERELMANSyllabus
OMCO2025 - Mapping Controversies:counting the dead ***244Thomas TARISyllabus
KINT5025 - Security in a Nuclear-Armed World244Benoit PELOPIDASSyllabus
Practices in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
1st year students: one course required
2nd year students: students may take 1 course
OADH3080 - Conceptual Foundations for Human Rights Advocacy244Salvatore SAGUES, Gaëtan MOOTOOSyllabus
OADH2080 - Humanitarian Negotiations244Xavier CROMBÉSyllabus
KINT3325 - Ethno-Political Conflict and International Law244Théodore CHRISTAKISSyllabus
KDEC9635 - Clinique HEDG (Human Rights, Economic Development and Globalization) * only for students who were registered in this course during Fall semester244Manon AUBRYSyllabus
OADH4035 - Interventions pédagogiques en santé auprès des populations très précarisées : rôle, fonctions et évaluation des pratiques artistiques244Stéphane TESSIERSyllabus
OADH2085 - L'exclusion sociale en milieu urbain: villes du Nord et villes du Sud244Delphine LAISNEY, Xavier EMMANUELLISyllabus
KINT3330 - Justice pénale internationale244Isabelle FOUCHARDSyllabus
KINT4585 - Génocides et violences extrêmes244Jacques SEMELINSyllabus
KINT4765 - Global Hunger (Lecture)244Olivier DE SCHUTTERSyllabus
OADH3095 - Project Management and Evaluation244Christelle EYRAUD,Vincent BROWNSyllabus
OADH4000 - Advocacy: Philosophy and Practice (Lecture)***244Lex PAULSONSyllabus
OADH4085 - How will we meet the SDG? Challenges, Barriers and Opportunities244Christelle BOULANGERSyllabus
Advanced Seminars (offered to 2nd year students only)
2nd year students: one course required
OADH3075 - Investigate, Expose, Change: Foundations of Human Rights Work246Anna NEISTAT, Ole SOLVANGSyllabus
OADH4060 - Case Studies on Human Rights Protection :Through the Looking Glass of the UN Security Council246Bruno STAGNO UGARTESyllabus
KINT4620 - Victims Rights, International Criminal Law and Proceedings246Jeanne SULZERSyllabus
KINT4335 - Communication Workshop in Development, Post-conflict & Humanitarian Environment246Sebastien TURBOTSyllabus
KINT4320 - Micro Finance: 40 years later, where do we stand ?246Emmanuelle JAVOY, Joséphine GONZALEZ, Pauline ANGOSOSyllabus
KINT4775 - La Stratégie dans ses champs d'action (cours magistral)246Vincent DESPORTESSyllabus
KINT5070 - Lecture on the General Crisis of the International System ***246David RIEFFSyllabus

***First year students must take one course in each one of the three first categories.
Second year students must take one advanced seminar (last category) and two additional courses.
Reminder : If you enrolled for an annual project (Projet collectif) in semester 1, you may ask for a waiver for a core curriculum course in semester 2, pending on the approval of your academic advisor. For your information, courses indicated as « lecture » are those open to more than 32 students.
Innovative courses : please note that courses with the *** sign are those showcasing innovative pedagogical formats.

Concentration courses (Please select 2 courses - 48 hours)
CoursesHours / semesterECTSInstructorsResources
Regional Concentrations24 x 24 x 2 Syllabus
Thematic Concentrations24 x 24 x 2 Syllabus

Students must choose 2 concentrations which they will follow for the duration of their studies at PSIA. Each semester, students take 2 courses: 1 in each concentration. A concentration in Regional Studies is recommended for all students.

EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignantsRessources Numériques
A modern foreign language244 Languages

Students who are not fluent in French are encouraged to take French.

Épreuves du diplôme (Semester 4)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignantsRessources Numériques
Grand Oral 6  
Special features: please select one only (optional)
EnseignementsVolume horaire semestrielCréditsEnseignantsRessources Numériques
PSIA special features244 Syllabus

Total required ECTS : 30 or 34 for semester 2, 30 for semester 4