Matthew Soener

Postdoctoral researcher
  • Matthew SoenerMatthew Soener

Matthew Soener is a postdoctoral fellow associated with the OSC and the MaxPo research centers at Sciences Po. He holds a PhD in sociology from the Ohio State University. Matthew’s substantive interests lie in economic sociology and inequality and he conducts research on the “financialization” of the economy and the political economy of climate change.

With colleagues Mirna Safi and Olivier Godechot, he is studying French labor market inequalities by gender, migrant status, and class (Project Ineq_at_work).

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sujet de thèse Publications

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- 2019, "A Turbulent Decade. About: Adam Tooze, Crashed. How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World, Penguin", Books & Ideas, 18 February.

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