Résumé de la thèse de Federico Filetti

Provisional Thesis Proposal

Labour Market Outsiderness and Informal Care Regimes in Europe 

Changes in the labour market, in the social structure and welfare retrenchment all contributed to the rise of new social risks, exacerbating the difficulties of work-care reconciliation. At the same time, this political economy context contributed to foster an increasing dualism between labour market insiders and outsiders.

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Education, Occupation and Social Origin

Carlo Barone, Milan Bouchet-Valat, Camille Peugny, Louis-André Vallet
  • Education, occupation and social origin (EElgar)Education, occupation and social origin (EElgar)

Educational, Occupation and Social OriginEducation, Occupation and Social Origin

A comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio-Economic Inequalities

Edited by Fabrizio Bernardi and Gabriele Ballarino

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