Mirna Safi

Mirna Safi

Research Fellow at Sciences Po
  • Mirna Safi, OSCMirna Safi, OSC

contact: mirna.safi(at)sciencespo.fr - Tel: 01  45 49 54 78

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Mirna Safi is a research fellow at Sciences Po, attached to the OSC since 2007 and a member of CREST-LSQ Laboratory.

Research topics

Mirna Safi is interested in immigration, ethnic and racial inequality, discrimination and segregation. Her current research focuses on impact of immigration on ethnoracial stratification in the French society, anti-discrimination policies at the workplace, ethnic minority residential mobility and locational choice.

Latest publications

- 2015 (avec François Bonnet, Etienne Lalé, Étienne Wasmer), “Better residential than ethnic discrimination! Reconciling audit’s findings and interviews’ findings in the Parisian housing market”, LIEPP Working Paper, n° 36, February [Appendix].
- 2014, Shifting Focus: Policies to Support the Labour Market. Integration of New Immigrants in France, The Migration Policy Institute, October 2014, 33p. 
- 2014, « Assimilation » (p. 14), « Seconde génération » (p. 366-367), « Ségrégation ethno-raciale » (p. 367), in Alain Bihr, Roland Pfefferkorn (dir.), Dictionnaire des inégalités, Paris, Armand Colin.
- 2014, with Patrick Simon, « Les discriminations ethniques et raciales dans l’enquête Trajectoires et Origines : représentations, expériences subjectives et situations vécues », Économie et statistique, n° 464-465-466, p. 245-275.
- 2013, with Roland Rathelot, "Local ethnic Composition and Natives' and Immigrants' Geographic Mobility in France, 1982-1999", American Sociological Review Sage Journals - Online access .
- 2013, Les inégalités ethno-raciales, Paris, La Découverte, Repères n° 615.
- 2013, with Denis Fougère, Francis Kramarz, Roland Rathelot, "Social housing and location choices of immigrants in France", International Journal of Manpower, vol. 34, n° 1, p. 56-69.


Collège universitaire : Sociology of immigration, ethnicity and race
Master of sociology : Immigration et inégalités ethno-raciales ;
Statistique avancée et modélisation niveau 2

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