Sciences Po and Airbnb, building the future of collaborative economy

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Airbnb and Sciences Po have today announced that Airbnb has joined Sciences Po Technology, Governance and Institutional Innovation Chair (TGII). Placed at the heart of the new Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, this chair aims to advance research and education in the digital field and empower French and international leaders in government and business to make informed decisions that will steer institutions in the digital age.

The Chair conducts research and sponsors specialised programs on three issues:

  • Digital economy and the transformation of organisations;
  • Policy and regulation in the digital age;
  • Future of democracy and political activism in the digital age.

The partnership between Airbnb and Sciences Po, the first of its kind in Europe, will support research activities including research papers and policy briefs around specific themes addressing the digital economy. Airbnb and Sciences Po aim to foster a healthy debate around the future of the collaborative economy among Sciences Po’s network of European partners.

The partnership will also support educational activities, including the creation of a Master’s course on the sharing economy, and stimulate entrepreneurship through a student project that will aim to bring concrete solutions to a subject of public interest.

The Chair is led by Yann Algan, Dean of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, Henri Bergeron, Sociologist, and Nicolas Colin, co-founder and partner of The Family.

Emmanuel Marill, General Manager for Airbnb in France, said:

“A 21st century economy calls for 21st century policies. We are delighted to partner with such a prestigious academic institution as Sciences Po in order to help foster a healthy debate on the sharing economy and place France at the forefront of policy innovation. We hope future policies will harness the opportunities offered by the digital economy to empower people in ways that will benefit governments and local communities.”

Yann Algan, Dean of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Airbnb as a new partner to this chair. Sciences Po wants to make the most of its expertise in social sciences in relationship with public and private partners to answer the many institutional questions brought about by the digital transition. This partnership with Airbnb will be a crucial contribution to research and higher education in the field of collaborative economy to enhance the common good.”

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