« Cities and Digital Technology Chair »: data, platforms & cities

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How do data and algorithms transform relationships between actors within cities? How do digital companies aim to manage our daily lives as city dwellers and workers? How does it feel to be managed by an algorithm? What is Google’s vision of urban planning? What alternatives can be considered?

This conference aims to question the dynamics of power in cities linked to the accumulation of data by digital platforms.

  • Alex Rosenblat, Technology Ethnographer and Researcher at the Data & Society Research Institute, will present her four-year ethnographic research on Uber drivers’ working conditions. 
  • Bianca Wylie, Open Government Advocate, Co-Founder of Tech Reset Canada and Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in the Global Economy program, will expose the controversial project of Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of the Alphabet group (Google), which plans to create Toronto’s neighbourhood of the future. 

Discussion: Valérie Peugeot, Digital Studies Researcher at Orange Labs.

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