Social Change and Migration in the Gulf Monarchies- Conference, July 1st 2013

A collaborative event MOBGLOB and SYSREMO at CERI -Sciences Po, 56 rue Jacob, 75006 PARIS

Conveners : Christophe Jaffrelot (CNRS / Sciences Po – CERI), Laurence Louër (Sciences Po – CERI), Hélène Thiollet (Sciences Po – CERI, Mobglob ANR Program), Leïla Vignal (Chaire d’excellence CNRS/Université Rennes-2, Sysremo ANR Program, ESO-Rennes)

Full programme here.

This conference follows up on Feedback : the impact of migration to the Middle East on sending countries », organized at CERI in September 2012. While the first venue explored the return effect of mobility on countries and societies of origin, the conference to be held in July 2013 will be looking at the consequences of mass-migration on Gulf societies, GCC states and economies. It is also building up on a previous workshop organised at the IMI – Oxford university in 2010 on Migration to the Gulf countries.

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