• Biased Aspirations and Social Inequality at School: Evidence from French Teenagers , LIEPP Working Paper, n°44, January 2016
  • Les effets des attentats de 2015 sur l'opinion publique : Priorité à la sécurité, stabilité sur l'immigration & hausse souhaitée des dépenses publiques LIEPP Policy Brief n°22, janvier 2016
  • Rebuilding Europe

    Prof. Jan Rovny's students contribute policy proposals for the EU
    • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

    How to rebuild Europe to address the "Greek" crisis was not only on the minds of policymakers in Brussels and European capital cities this past Fall, but it was the challenge put to Masters' students in the Masters in European Affairs (MEA) program who took LIEPP Assistant Professor Jan Rovny's course, "Rebuilding Europe" last semester.

  • Faut-il miser sur l’emploi domestique ? Évaluation de la stratégie de stimulation des services à la personne en Europe LIEPP Policy Brief n°21, décembre 2015
  • A Matter of Size and Generosity: Assessing the Complex Relation between the Welfare State and Social Capital LIEPP Working Paper n°43, December 2015
  • Renewal of LIEPP

    LIEPP is renewed for five more years by French ANR
    • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

    Following its first four years of activities, LIEPP has been evaluated by an international jury assembled by the National Research Agency (ANR), which has decided to prolong LIEPP's financing for five more years (Find here LIEPP's complete activity report).

    The continuations of LIEPP was made possible thanks to the Sciences Po researchers involved with the laboratory since its inception and thanks to their numerous projects at LIEPP. ANR's international jury stressed the quality of research carried out within LIEPP and confirmed the importance of continuing this work. This success is the fruit of the collective engagement of Sciences Po on this project and we would therefore like to thank all of our members and those who support us every day to make it all possible: our affiliated researchers, our institutional partners, the Sciences Po support services, and all of the students who participate regularly in our activities.

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    La commande publique d’enquêtes d’opinion

    19 - 20 oct. 2015
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    Analysis of Educational Reforms in European Systems

    September 08, Seminar Educational Policies
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    The analysis of educational reforms in European systems

    Tuesday 08 September


    Room Lavau

  • Le vote obligatoire est-il une bonne solution ? LIEPP Policy Brief n° 17, avril 2015
  • Does moving to a system with more generous public health insurance increase medical care consumption? LIEPP Working Paper n°37, February 2015