"Sharing or not sharing? Intrafamily resources and gender inequalities"

Joint seminar LIEPP-PRESAGE, May 12th 2017 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
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“Sharing or not sharing? Intrafamily resources and gender inequalities”

Joint seminar LIEPP & PRESAGE-OFCE

Friday May 12th 2017

OFCE, 10 place de Catalogne 75014 Paris

Registration : valerie.richard@sciencespo.fr

Three papers will be presented during 30 min:

Bennett, Fran (2015) "Opening up the black box: researching the distribution of resources within the household", NCFR Report Issue FF63 (Journal of National Council on Family Relations) (US)   F1-F3

Kandil, Lamia and Périvier, Hélène (2017) “The sexual Division of Labour within couples in France according to their marital status: a study based on time-use surveys from 1985-1986, 1998-1999 et 2009-2010”, Working Paper OFCE, N°2017-04.

Ponthieux, Sophie (2013) “Income pooling and equal sharing within the household - What can we learn from the 2010 EU-SILC module”. Eurostat Methodologies and working papers series, 2013.

Discussion 15 min for each discutant:

OFCE Guillaume Allègre

LIEPP Emanuele Ferragina

30 min: open discussion

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