Call for Application: Interdisciplinary Corruption Research (ICR) Forum 2017

Deadline: February 15th 2017
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Call for Applications for Interdisciplinary Corruption Research (ICR) Forum 2017


The Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (ICR)

The Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (ICRN) is an international research network, aiming to analyse and explain the phenomenon of corruption with a multi-method approach. For this purpose we organize conferences, called Fora, to enable an active exchange between (young) researchers working on corruption.  

The ICRForum 2017 will offer a space for new ideas on how corruption definitions change across time and space, on typologies of practices, on related concepts such as the public/private dichotomy or the notion of abuse. These discussions will contribute to reducing the “nagging sense of incompleteness” (Johnston, 2015) around our current understanding of corruption by combining theoretical and empirical efforts to conceptualise specific occurrences of corruption, such as systemic corruption or political corruption, and more empirical work aiming to identify the roots of the issue. Furthermore, with policy design in mind, we can employ this improved understanding of the problem to launch discussions on the important role that plays in reforming policies aimed at combating corruption. 

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