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What is LIEPP?

A multidisciplinary research centre specialised in public policy evaluation

LIEPP (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies) has been selected by an international scientific jury as a "Laboratoire d'excellence" (Labex) that will be financed for the next 10 years by the French government. It aims to play a major role in evaluating various aspects of public policy for several years through an innovative method based on multidisciplinarity and the combination of qualitative, comparative, and quantitative analysis of the same policy.
The project brings together more than fifty researchers from Sciences Po, who belong to four research units of Sciences Po: the Centre d'études européennes (CEE), the Centre for Sociology of Organizations (CSO), the Department of Economics and the Center for Studies in Social Change (OSC) as well as researchers in Law and History. Some scholars from other universities are also involved and LIEPP benefits from programs of international cooperation provided by its founding research centers.


Organisation of Research at LIEPP

LIEPP is based on an innovative method founded on a multidisciplinary approach and the combination of qualitative, comparative and quantitative assessments of the same policy.

LIEPP supports several research projects and most of them are already part of the various Research groups that are co-directed by researchers from different disciplines.

The 5 LIEPP Research Groups: