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The party of the year: Gala 2015

The party of the year: Gala 2015

Even though, we are still suffering from a tsunami that calls “the end of the second semester”,  on the 17th of April we had a magical chance to enjoy a moment and change usual view from a SciencesPo library to a way more inspiring scenery from the window of the Intercontinental hotel. Eventually,…

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Rencontre Métiers IPSOS

Rencontre Métiers IPSOS

Leader français des sondages et des études d’opinion, Ipsos nous a accueillis le 10 avril dans ses locaux et nous a fait découvrir une entreprise en pleine transformation.

Créé il y a 40 ans, cet institut de sondages répondait alors à un besoin d’information de la part des entreprises : son cœur…

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Taking the medium of photography to new frontiers: A studio visit at Austin Settle's

Taking the medium of photography to new frontiers: A studio visit at Austin Settle's

As someone who has ever since been particularly interested in visual communication I am always excited to discover new artists and recently I had the chance to visit Austin Settle's studio in Vienna. Austin has developed an artistic practice, which takes photography as a medium to an entirely new…

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Endemol : du divertissement pour les 7 à 77 ans.

Endemol : du divertissement pour les 7 à 77 ans.

Premier producteur mondial de divertissement audiovisuel, Endemolnous a accueilli le vendredi 3 avril dans ses locaux parisiens. Une visite placée sous le signe de l'effervescence pour les élèves qui ont pu en apprendre davantage sur cette entreprise dont les programmes rythmentnotre consommation…

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Charlotte Landes: The key insights of Nicolas Bordas’ ‘right hand woman’

Charlotte Landes: The key insights of Nicolas Bordas’ ‘right hand woman’

The advantage of being in the field of communications is that it is an environment where everything is possible and few people have followed the same career path. Everyone’s story is very individual. Charlotte Landes took a shortcut and became soon after her graduation from EDC the project manager…

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Nutella ouvre son tout premier bar à Sao Paulo

Nutella ouvre son tout premier bar à Sao Paulo

LE CONCEPT Le premier stand Nutella vient d’ouvrir ses portes dans un célèbre centre commercial de la ville brésilienne. On retrouve dans celui-ci les couleurs, le design et l’atmosphère de la marque.  Dans ce kiosque, les clients sont amenés à déguster des crêpes et autres viennoiseries, au Nutella…

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一年一回顾 A Year at Sciences Po

一年一回顾  A Year at Sciences Po



标题:Sciences Po – Admissions results master

正文:We have the pleasure to inform you that you have been admitted at Sciences Po for the 2014 intake…





Le Forum Jeunes Femmes & Numérique - le vendredi 17 avril 2015

Le Forum Jeunes Femmes et Numérique est une journée unique conçue pour donnerune vision 360° des enjeux clés et des opportunités du numérique à 800 jeunes professionnelles du secteur !

·         200 professionnel-le-s entreprises/écoles/réseaux

·        15 ateliers et conférence d'expertise : Big…

Calendrier universitaire 2015-2016 / University Calendar 2015-2016

Le calendrier universitaire 2015-2016 est en ligne ICI.

Vous y trouverez tout le déroulement de votre scolarité: semaine de cours, période d'examens, ainsi que la plupart des événements qui ponctuent votre année scolaire.

Veuillez noter que ce calendrier peut être soumis à des modifications et qu…


Vous allez rechercher un emploi ou un stage et vous manquez de pistes? 
Participez à l'atelier proposé par Sciences Po Alumni:

Comment réseauter efficacement?
Mercredi 15 avril 17h15 - 19h15Salle Corporate Sciences Po Avenir

Animation : 
Didier Jeanperrin, Directeur du Pôle carrières, Sciences Po…

Comment booster sa recherche d'emploi

Vous êtes étudiant ou jeune diplômé en recherche de stage ou de premier emploi ? Vous avez déjà une bonne idée de vos compétences et de votre projet professionnel mais pas de plan d'action ? 

Sciences Po Avenir organise un atelier: "Comment booster sa recherche d'emploi" - mercredi 15 avril de…


Vendredi 10 avril, les étudiants en Master 1 Communication et en Master 1 Marketing & Etudes pourront découvrir la diversité des métiers du secteur des Études, grâce à la Rencontre Métiers qui aura lieu chez IPSOS.

Au programme:
- Présentation du Groupe IPSOS, par Dominique LEVY (DG de IPSOS)






Political Communication, Hillary Style



Well that was weird.

On Monday, an admittedly impressive array of the biggest musicians came together to get the world to join their movement. After asking fans to change their profile pictures to show their support, the artists joined each other on a New York stage to promote this new cause that clearly meant so much to them. Jay Z was in charge. Alicia Keys gave an emotional speech. Kanye was there. Beyoncé. Jack White. Actual Madonna. Rihanna. Two of Arcade Fire. All the famous robot headed electronic musicians in one room. Some country looking guy. J Cole. The disembodied heads of both Calvin Harris and Chris Martin on Skype. Nicki Minaj. Usher!

What was this this new movement then? No not the new #Kony2012 but Tidal, a music streaming service from Jay Z. Basically just a fancier and more expensive version of Spotify, they promise ‘CD quality’ sound and a unique user experience. Alongside a raft of innovative features (such as uh, curated content and HD video), TIDAL’s main appeal is its claim to being a truly ‘artist owned’ service. Each of the 16 artists present will own a stake in the company, and this is supposed to be a counter to the big corporations that suck all the royalties from artists on other platforms. Alicia Keys even described it as the first artist-owned music service, which as TechRadar pointed out, was “clear evidence of one of the most heinous crimes in music: forgetting about Dre.”

Let’s break down what they are offering. Firstly, lossless sound at ‘CD quality.’ Despite people not being able to hear the difference between different sound qualities, this is the big thing in the music tech world right now, with Neil Young’s Pono player launching in January after a successful Kickstarter campaign. There has actually been a French competitor to Tidal since 2007 called Qoboz that offers high quality sound for 9.99€ a month. Added to the other music streaming services out there, Tidal isn’t offering anything new or different in this respect. And besides, CD quality was the industry standard for 30 years, why should we get excited about it now?

Next, despite not actually revealing how their royalty breakdown works, it does seem to be offering a better deal for the artists. Taylor Swift is back in the game after leaving Spotify in a huff in November 2014, which I guess is good news for those of you who like Taylor but don’t have access to Google. Yes, Spotify might not end up paying much to the artists but this is more the fault of the record labels that the artists are signed to for signing such terrible deals. Spotify pays 70% of its revenues to the rights holders, who in turn don’t give much back to their artists. These are the same labels that the musicians standing on the stage at the Tidal launch belong to after all. Also, for a company so keen on artists' rights, the UI of the Tidal app is worryingly similar to Spotify’s. Maybe Jay Z could use the reminder that designers are artists too.

Tidal’s other offerings include content curation and HD video exclusives. Content curation was a major selling point of Beats Music, even before it was acquired by Apple. It’s currently unclear how much curation will be a factor in Tidal’s appeal, but the input of some of the biggest names in music can only be a good thing. As for video, if there are enough genuine  exclusives then this could be an attractive proposition. However, with YouTube entering the music subscription market this isn’t that much a selling point either.

So what is the point of Tidal? It certainly doesn’t offer much of anything new to the consumer, and at $19.95 for the high quality tier (and without a free option) it’s restrictively expensive. However, Factmag argues that it doesn’t actually have to make money, it just has to work. Tidal could be brought under Jay Z’s Roc Nation label, and is as such “a forward-thinking step towards establishing Roc Nation as the only thing resembling a cohesive macro-entity in the modern music industry.” Thought of from this angle, Tidal starts to make sense. A music label with its own streaming service would be very attractive to new artists, bypassing all the problems with Spotify and the others.

Whether it turns out to be a canny move on Jay Z’s part or simply another failed tech company, the damage to the musicians involved has already been done. When ‘cool’ is everything, this was all incredibly lame. Some have questioned the social media tactics of the launch, riffing on the profile photo and hashtag campaigns of some ‘movements’ actually worthy of the name. This is especially disheartening when it’s the exact same artists who were so notably absent during the racial tensions over the last year only come together to promote an app. Hilariously, most of the artists didn't even change their own avatars themselves. Alicia Keys’ speech was pure fluff, marketing hyperbole and pretentious nonsense. The event itself seemed very flat, with barely enough people assembled in the room to make much noise about some genuine superstars. Madonna hoiked her leg up over the table to simply sign her name. Deadmau5. Just Deadmau5. The hashtag chosen, #TIDALforALL, was at once clumsy sounding and self-defeating. Once it became clear that this service was decidedly not for ‘all’ the hashtag was turned upon the ‘movement’ itself.

Tidal missed a great opportunity here. Making the services all about the music is a nice idea that a lot of fans could get behind. A fair deal for artists is an attractive proposition in the age of piracy. However, the musicians involved are all already pretty damn rich as it is, and their offer to let fans pay them yet more money isn’t really something that people can get excited about. Perhaps if Jay, Ye and Bey used the event to promote some new artists that could use the exposure and the extra royalties then it could have seemed more like the ‘movement’ that Keys promised. By choosing some of the biggest artists out there for their launch they certainly got the exposure, but at what cost?


by @nathanjstewart



Média et (r)évolution

Enseignant à l’Ecole de la Communication sur le sujet des marques média et de leur diversification, Marc Gonnet a passé l’entièreté de sa carrière à travailler pour l’une d’entre elles, Europe 1. Retour sur la force de ce type de parcours, ainsi que sur les opportunités actuelles dans ce domaine. 


Michel Serres à Sciences Po


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