Master Communications, Media and Creative Industries, Semester 1

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20 July, 2017

Programme 2017-2018

The compulsory courses marked with an asterisk (*) are core courses, which means that students must validate the credits related to these classes (i.e. to get a mark > 10/20) in order to pretend to graduation.

Social Sciences courses
Type Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
Social sciences Core curriculum (one course to choose) * 24 4   Core curriculum
KEMI2000 - The Great Transition: Commons, Innovation and Responsibility* ADN 24 4 Dominique Cardon, Marie-Laure Djelic, Eloi Laurent Syllabus
Module "Sociales sciences oriented Communication and Medias": Please choose one course KCOE4115 - Semiotics of image and visual languages in communication and digital culture * 24 4 Erik Bertin Syllabus
ICOE2010 - Media & Digital cultures * 24 4 Benjamin Loveluck Syllabus
ICOM2005 - Cartographie des Controverses * ADN 24 4 Nicolas Benvegnu, Brice Laurent, Vincent Casanova Syllabus
ICOM2045 - Sociologie de l'action et de la communication * 24 4 Cyril Lemieux Syllabus
ICOM2060 - Sociologie des mondes numériques * ADN 24 4 Dominique Cardon Syllabus
ICOM2065 - Sémiotique de l'image et de la communication * 24 4 Juan Alonso, Veronica Estay Syllabus
Management Base
Type Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
Module "Corporate Strategy": Please choose one course KCOE3035 - Introduction to corporate Strategy 12 2 Anemone Beres Syllabus
KFIN2285 - Introduction à la stratégie d'entreprise 12 2 François Heilbronn Syllabus
Module "Financial stakes of Communication companies": Please choose one course KCOE2005 - Financial stakes of Communication companies * 24 4 Olivier Kaplan, Jan Willem Sies, Anna Pugacewicz Syllabus
KCOM2220 - Enjeux stratégiques et financiers des entreprises de communication* 24 4 Fabrice Batieau, Pascal Mariani, Corinne Cornut, Jean-Christophe Coisy, Mathieu Maningue Syllabus
Module "Introduction to marketing": Please choose one course KCOE4120 - Introduction to Marketing 12 2 Luca Visconti Descriptif du cours
KMKG2560 - Introduction au Marketing 12 2 Frédéric Jallat Descriptif du cours
Type Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
Fundamentals of the specialization
Module " Media fundamentals": Please choose one course KCOE2000 - Media in the global and digital era ADN 24 4 Thierry Jadot, Gwenn Raillard Syllabus
KCOE4140 - Media new formula : how to engage with audience in the digital age ? 24 4 Thomas Jamet, Guillaume Theaudière Syllabus
KCOM4190 - Medias en marche, un paysage en constante transformation 24 4 Julien Guiraud Syllabus
KCOM2235 - Les Medias Mutants ADN 24 4 Marie Laure Sauty de Chalon, Michel Teulière Syllabus
KCOM2940 - Média et activation digitale 24 4 Mondher Abdennadher, Florence Hermelin Syllabus
Module "Opinion fundamentals": Please choose one course KCOE4055 - Understanding Public Opinion in contemporary societies 24 4 Thomas Vitiello Syllabus
KCOM2470 - Politique, société et tendances de l'opinion 24 4 Brice Teinturier Syllabus
KCOM4195 - Opinions communes et Opinion publique 24 4 Dominique Reynié Descriptif du cours
KCOM2240 - Opinion, réputation et tendances de société 24 4 Fabienne Simon Syllabus
Module "Economy of the media": Please choose one course KCOE4150 - The Economics of the Media: a Global Perspective 24 4 Julia Cagé Syllabus
KCOM2790 - L'Economie des Medias à l'heure du numérique 24 4 Nicolas de Tavernost Syllabus
Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
Workshops: Please choose one course
OCOE2010 - Rhetoric 24 4 Lex Paulson Syllabus
OCOE2065 - Coding 24 4 Alexis Delamare Syllabus
OCOE2080 - Creativity and innovation management 24 4 Nathalie Rivoire Syllabus

Warning : Students are required to follow the "Rhetorics" workshop once during the year. (Either during the Fall Semester or alternatively during the Spring Semester)

Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
KCOE3060 - Methodology seminar (incoming students)   0    
KCOM2605 - Master Classes   0    
Foreign languages
Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
French Foreign Language (level 1,2,3,4 and 5) 24 4   Languages
Other Foreign Language (level 1,2,3,4 and 5) 24 4   Languages

Important: French Foreign Language Courses are mandatory for students who do not already have at least a level 4 in French at Sciences Po

Other Optionnal Courses
Courses Hours / semester ECTS Instructors Resources
OBUS2045 - Initiation à l'entreprenariat   4   Syllabus
OBUS2070 - Atelier Sciences Po entrepreneur 24 4 COCITO Alessandra, CORMIER Maxime Syllabus

Minimum total required ECTS: 40