Student life

The union

The Graduate School Board 

The Board helps the director of the graduate school implement the school’s action programme.  It weighs in on graduate school issues, including its organisation and operations.  It considers requests for research funds and, when applicable, other types of financing for PhD students.

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The organisations

Every year around sixty different student organisations contribute to student life.  These political, cultural, literary, religious, and artistic organisations structure life at Sciences Po, allowing students to gather around common interests that they can share with the whole student body.  From an individual standpoint, community involvement is part of Sciences Po’s educational vision since it offers many opportunities to develop key skills and attitudes: public expression, the embrace of complexity, intellectual courage…  It is also a means of fully exercising one’s citizenship.  The organisations are a key component of the university’s dynamism, helping to make Sciences Po a hotbed of activity…. 

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