Graduate School Library


Des questions sur Zotero ou Endnote ? Envie d'en savoir plus sur Spire et l'Open Access ? Rendez-vous à la Bibliothèque de recherche les jeudis après-midi. Deux bibliothécaires vous reçoivent sans rendez-vous. Apportez votre ordinateur ! Anna Couthures-Idrizi - Endnote / Zotero - 13h30-15h30
Noémie Musnik - Spire / open access / Zotero - 15h30-18h00
Panorama des logiciels de gestion bibliographique
Formations organisées par la Bibliothèque de Sciences Po à l'attention
des étudiants du master recherche & des doctorants (Mai - Juin 2017)

In addition to Science Po’s principal library graduate school students have access to a 260m², 84-seat research library.   

This library offers readers over 21,000 publications and direct access to 100 periodicals in the social sciences, as well as connections to the catalogue and databases.  

The library is one of the best examples of Sciences Po’s integration of scientific, pedagogical and documentary activities. 

It offers individual support to students, especially to PhD students who receive training in documentary research and in standardising bibliographic references.    


Documentary research training 

At the beginning of each academic year, your administrative coordinator will inform you of the dates and times for tours of the Graduate School Library. 

During this mandatory session you will receive your access badge.  The print and digital documentary sources that are most relevant to your areas of study will be highlighted.  

Methodology trainings on the use of digital resources are also available by appointment for individuals or groups. 


Useful link for PhD students

=> Overview of useful software and services that are free for PhD students