RISE project

Responsabilité et Innovation Sociale des Entreprises

RISE focuses on socially responsible and innovative practices by and within corporations and other forms of organizations. Established in 2012, this experiential learning program aims to foster social and innovative corporate practices in France and beyond. It also functions as a cutting-edge laboratory and incubator of ideas, and a platform for reflexion, cross-learning and exchanges between students, legal academics, lawyers, corporate and other professional actors engaged in this field.

RISE includes two complementary features : a yearly clinical seminar, and team work on clinical project

The clinical seminar (24h per semester) focuses on challenges of governance, both internal to a company/structure (e.g. shareholder and stakeholder responsibility, financing) and external (respect for human rights, anti-curruption, environmental standards). 

In parallel to the seminar, students spend on average half a day per week dedicated to clinical team work on a project commissioned by a partner (company, law firm, professional organization, local government…). Students typically work on realizating memos, practical guides, field studies or prospective legal studies. Their project can also consist of preparing, organizing and animating an event or a debate, often with a written account (e.g. joint scholarly publishing, report, or other). Each team of students is supervised throughout the realization of their project by a tutor, mostly seasoned professionals, including lawyers tutoring projects as pro bono, as well as Faculty members of the Sciences Po Law School 

RISE is a selective program open to students in their second year of Masters at the Sciences Po Law School as well as PSIA students in selected masters. Its clinical seminar is taught in French, and the realization of projects requires a good level of French. It benefits from interventions, tutoring and support by a remarkable network of professionals from consulting, law firms, as well as the corporate world. 

In 2016-17, RISE hosted the following projects :

Project 1 – Circular economy and public procurement for the City of Paris

This project is commissioned by the City of Paris, and relates to its adoption, in the context of the COP21 conference, of a White Paper on circular economy in the Greater Paris. In order to translate concretely this cutting-edge position, the city of Paris seeks to integrate the principles of circular economy to its own public procurement process (which represents 1,5 1bn euros per year). RISE students, in coordination with the procuerment department of the city of Paris, are working on a memorandum examining the compatibility of public procurement law to the principles of circular economy. This study should help the city examine the various entry and leverage points available to its procurement department to implement the city’s White Paper strategy.

This project is co-tutored by Régis Bismuth, Professor at Sciences Po, and Anaïs Guerry, doctoral candidate at the Sciences Po Law School

Project 2 : Human Rights Impact Assessment Methodology (common project between RISE and HEDG)

The aim of this project is to initiate a human rights impact assessment on a large scale in a multinational french company, being both in line with best internationally recognized standards and adapted to the context on the ground of an investment project in Indonesia.
More precisely, the aim is to design a tool allowing self-realization, by the different ground actors (companies, NGOs, governments...), of human rights impact assessment of the project at the local communities level and beyond. Students will have to realize ground studies in order to test and apply the model to a real situation and adapt it if needed.

This project is co-tutored by Marie Bouchard, a graduate of the Sciences Po Law School in 2012 and an associate at Dechert LLP, as well as Marie Dudt, graduate of Sciences Po in 2015 and consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Projet 3 – Developping ThinkH+, a clinic-incubated think tank on the regulation of augmented humanity

Think H+ is a think tank incubated by the RISE programm in 2015-16 It aims to become the leading European think tank on the regulation and ethics of augmented humanity (http://thplus.org/).
This year students’ mission is to contribute to the development of ThinkH+, by taking part in its many-folded activities, including the elaboration of regulatory and/or ethical proposals drawn from consulting with key institutional partners and professionals. Students will focus in particular on the drafting of a question to be submitted to the French National Consultative Ethics Counsel. 
This project benefits from the support of Emmanuel Lulin, Chief Ethics Officer at l’Oréal. It is supervised by Christopher Baker, attorney at law,  Louis Assier-Andrieu, Professor at the Sciences Po Law School, as well as Sofia Norten, Lorenzo Colombani and Hugo Ruggieri, graduates of Sciences Po in 2016 and co-founders of ThinkH+

Projet 4 – Innovative start-up in the domain of collaborative transport

This project is done in partner with a start-up which created an app in the domain of collaborative/participative transport, focused on networked hitch-hicking. The start-up aims to make network users participate in the governance of the network and in value-creation.  
RISE students will work on a legal study which examines new network schemes such as Decentralized Autonomous Organization as well as the French and European legal framework related to their activity. The study will offer a comparative analysis of similar schemes internationally, and an analysis of various options for structuring this innovative governance and value-creation scheme.
This project is tutored by Pierre-Louis Périn, partner at Reed Smith LLP, and Marie Nguyen The Dung, a graduate of the Sciences Po Law School in 2016.