The Law School was created in September 2009 after two years of collaboration with law professionals and partner universities abroad. The school's research team (EA 4461) was officially recognized in 2010.

The ongoing research treats three main axes in accordance with the members' interests and in close partnership with the Law School's lecturers:

  • Legal cultures
  • Globalization
  • Economic field of law

The research centre also hosts:

  • The Chaire «Mutations de l'Action publique et du Droit Public» (Chaire MADP) directed by Jean-Bernard Auby.
    Chaire MADP's website: (fr.)
  • The Bentham Centre, which unites researchers dedicated to disseminating the thoughs of the English philosopher and lawyer Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832).
    Bentham Centre's website:
  • Criminocorpus, which intends to promote the history of justice, crime, and punishment. Partner since 2007 with the research team Corpus Justice of the History Center of Sciences Po, Criminocorpus fosters a creative cooperation among researchers, archivists, documentalists, and collectors. Criminocorpus introduces to the public research tools, sources, articles, and virtual expositions.
    Crimonocorpus' website :
  • The Nudge Project: which intends to set out to analyze the emergence of new forms of normativity, whose distinctive features are a) their extralegal and non-coercitive nature, b) their influence on individual behavior. Far from being insignificant, this kind of normativity is increasingly taken into account in the drafting of public policies and the analysis of the interaction between individuals and social, political and economic institutions. The concept of « nudge » (Sunstein & Thaler, 2008), which consists of shaping individual decisions without coercion, best exemplifies these new normativities. The aim is to understand the sources, the conceptual framework and the practical implications of this new normativity. Nudge project website:

Members of the research team

The research team unites jurists and non-jurists with technical expertise as well as researchers in political science, law history, anthropology, law sociology, etc.


Christophe Jamin,
Dean Sciences Po Law School
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Frédéric Audren,
Scientific coordinator
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