The Clinic

Very present in American and Anglo-Saxon Law Schools, clinical programs take the objective in allowing to these types  of schools and their partners to initiate or to associate with projects of public interest, all while contributing to the legal education and training of students by the means of rigorous and well-framed practical applications of their knowledge.

Convinced that training combining theory and practicality allows for a better understanding of concepts and therefore a better learning of law, the Sciences Po's Law School has chosen to integrate the "clinical" approach – involving a learning approach through experience, or experimental  learning – in its original academic project.  

As well as the opening of interdisciplinary and of  transnational dynamics, both of which are very important, there will soon be the debut of the teaching cycle from a contextual approach of law, adapted to the demand of contemporary law practice as a matter of resolving problems.

The Sciences Po Law School Clinic is therefore an educational program, situated mid-way between theoretical courses and practical internships, articulated around the mission of public interest within local, national, and global communities – in which it is inscribed in the Sciences Po Law School project.  This mission is based on the active and extensive commitment from its teachings, from its students, and from its partners on contemporary problems of justice and social innovation.

In addition to these educational and public interest objectives, the Clinic adds a third element: integrated scientific research. This research, founded on a systematic documentation and on theoretical analysis from the work of the Clinic program, will aim to intervene in the debate just as academic as it is public, touching upon certain selected themes.

To this day, the Sciences Po Law School's Clinical Program, supervised and coordinated by Jeremy Perelman, Assistant Professor at Sciences Po, is focused around three themes: one local theme is orientated towards the questions of access to the law, the next theme is orientated towards the questions of social responsibility of businesses, and the last international theme is orientated towards the problematic issue "human rights, economic globalization and development".

Each of these themes is executed by a specific project.

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